HOORAY {Pre-K Graduation + A Birthday}

We had a super exciting day, what with watching sweet little Whit graduate from pre-K and celebrating his daddy’s 39th birthday!!! 

March 2014 329 copy

Between the two littles, we have spent many years at this sweet school.  I am so very thankful for our time here and we will all miss the teachers and staff terribly.  Pre-K graduation is a BIG deal here and they go all out for the ceremony!  Things kicked off with the Pledge of Allegiance…

May 2014 273

The little “show” was adorable.  Every graduate participated and did a wonderful job delivering their lines and remembering their songs!  It had a Sound of Music theme (one of my top two all time favorite movies) which was just darling. 

May 2014 277

After the show, the graduates left the room and a slide show set to the most tear-jerking-est music you’ve ever heard played on the big screen.  Each parent submitted five pictures from birth to present and they married those with candids of the kids through the year.  Oh my!  To see my sweet Whit’s baby cheeks on the big screen…  it was almost too much :-)  Afterwards, it was finally time for the big moment…Whit receiving his diploma!!!

May 2014 279
  May 2014 284  
I want to forever engrain this sweet smile and the look of my precious baby at five years old on my brain.  How in the world did I get so lucky?!?!

May 2014 304

May 2014 293

May 2014 302 
Afterwards we celebrated with cake and lemonade and then he was off to a baseball game!!

May 2014 308

May 2014 312

This little pre-k graduation / Honey’s birthday soiree was originally planned for all of our family.  Well, when the baby’s tournament ball game put a wrench in those plans, we scaled back to a few Cold Stone ice cream sammies on the porch.  The thing about Whit is that when you ask him if he’d rather have a family graduation party or go to his tournament ball game, the answer (as expected) is to play ball.  Party wares are from Target’s Oh Joy! collection.

May 2014 268 copy

May 2014 269 copy

May 2014 270 copy

May 2014 271 copy

The two men of the day…

May 2014 352 copy_edited-1

After the littles were bathed and in bed, Daddy-O took charge so that Honey and I could sneak out for a last minute birthday dinner of our own!  HoOrAy!!!!!!!!

Summer Style Soiree 2014 Invite

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  1. Oh my goodness! White is so cute! Days like that are bittersweet!! My youngest is touring middle school today!! Slow down time!!! Happy Birthday to Honey too!
    Julia from SC

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