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UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed.  The winner of my monogrammed anchor giveaway is The Gunter Family!! 

I’ve been wanting to make something new and patriotic for my front door to display during the fourth of July.  But, it seems every year we are frantically finishing up a long and harrowing project (the porch, the front porch, the landscaping) just in the nick of time for our annual soiree and a craft is the last thing on my mind.  With all of those home improvements behind us, I headed to one of my favorite etsy shops, Crafty Little Things, to procure one of their darling monogrammed anchors and paint it up for the holiday!!

June 2014 392 copy2

I went with the 22” single letter monogram anchor in their white indoor/outdoor material. 

June 2014 187
Using acrylic craft paint and a small paint brush, I first set to work on the W.  This requires quite a bit of patience to get in all of the curves and crannies.  I did about three coats.  After the blue fully dried, I taped off a diagonal stripe with masking tape.  Again, it took a little time to get it right, but isn’t hard at all.  Oh, and this was about the point when I realized I was painting the back side of the anchor.  To late to turn back now… :-)

June 2014 189

Since I was spray painting the red stripes (I used one that says it sticks to plastic since the white material has a bit of a gloss to it), I cut up a garbage bag and used masking tape to completely cover up the blue W. 

June 2014 190

After spraying a few coats, I carefully pulled off my tape.  It bled in a few spots so I touched that up quickly and easily with a white paint pen.

June 2014 392 copy
Now, I am SO excited to report that the fine folks at Crafty Little Things are letting me giveaway a 22” single letter monogrammed anchor to a Dixie Delights reader!!  The giveaway is open to US mailing addresses only.  Post a separate comment for any/all of the following and leave your email address if you don’t have a blog or profile where I can find you.  You will get one chance to win for each thing you do – that’s five chances per person!!

1. Visit Crafty Little Things, pin an item you love to your Pinterest board and leave a comment letting me know.
2. Like the Crafty Little Things Facebook page, tell them Dixie Delights sent you and leave a comment letting me know.
3. Follow my blog and leave a comment letting me know.
4. Follow Dixie Delights on Instagram and leave a comment letting me know.
5. Leave a comment letting me know what fabulous thing you’d do with a monogrammed anchor!!

The winner will be announced on June 23!!

189 thoughts on “Anchors {give}Aweigh

  1. What a fun giveaway Amanda!! I follow you on Instagram and Crafty Little Things is one of my favorited shops on Etsy.

    BTW, I love that you are so honest with us about things like painting the wrong side of the anchor…lol. Sounds like something I would do in my haste to get the job done. Your anchor initial looks great…thanks for sharing this darling summer door decor.

  2. Just "liked" Crafty Little Things on Facebook! (AWESOME SHOP by the way!) Would LOVE to have the anchor for my newly painted door!

    I already follow you on Instagram!


  3. Love, love, love the anchor! And you are too funny- painting the wrong side- sounds like something I would do!!

  4. I pinned the 14 inch connected monogram letters vine font- Weddings, Birthday, Anniversary. It was hard to choose! I LOVE how you painted your Monogram Anchor. I am hoping to follow your lead and paint my monogram in a fun way!

  5. What a cute piece for the front door! Thats exactly where I would hang it if I won. I follow your blog but not the other areas you mentioned. Not even Facebook, not after being hacked!!

  6. If I won, while I love the red, white and blue, I think I will paint it to match our new outdoor color scheme and hang it on the back porch.

  7. If I were lucky enough to win I would use it on our back patio for our large family Patriotic celebration in July. Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. I pinned the single 20" initial from Crafty Little Things to my nursery board for my first baby on the way!

  9. If I win I will probably copy you exactly and put my beautiful piece right on the front door. My house is red with a white door, so I think I would paint it blue.

  10. I pinned your anchor and I actually went ahead and ordered one for my daughter. Now I just need one for myself! BTW, I follow your blog daily.

  11. I just love this monogrammed anchor! Pinned it to my pinterest page and I also like the crafty little things page on facebook!

  12. Hi…love this….lately I have had a thing for nautical things! I'd put this lovely on my porch door….its glass so I'd paint her on both sides…I'm a W too and it looks right coming and going. I pinned the anchor …cause I love it. Also…I follow you !

  13. I did everything but Instagram. Love the anchor. I have a little boy and girl that share a room that is nautical themed. I have something above his bed and have been looking for something for her. This would be perfect. Fingers crossed. Love your blog thanks for your help with our savannah trip too.

  14. I have done all of the above. I've been following your blog forever and I look forward to seeing what new daily. Also follow you on pinterest. I would love to win this, but if I don't I've GOT to have one for my front door!

  15. I pinned the anchor from Crafty Little Things. Told then how much I needed it for my front door :)

  16. I pinned the anchor from Crafty Little Things. Told then how much I needed it for my front door :)

  17. I go to Dixie Delights all the time, but now I officially follow it! Just love your creative style and ideas. Please come and decorate my house in NC!!!

  18. I follow your blog with bloglovin. I would get the updates daily to email, but they have stopped. Saw that Uptown Acorn wanted us to follow him that way, so I selected you also. I should have done that ages ago. Anyway, love your blog!

  19. Karen O

    just pinned the cute initial anchor! would love to win one and paint it for my own front porch. living in Brunswick ga (not too far from Savannah) this would be a perfect addition to a house near the coast love your blog

  20. Just pinned the monogram anchor on pinterest . Would love to win one to paint and decorate my own front porch here in Brunswick Ga Thanks amanda for finding the cutest giveaway

  21. I would love to hang the monogrammed anchor on my back porch. I'm having a party for my husband's birthday in July and this would be a great decoration out there! Thanks so much for the giveaway.

  22. Hi! Oh how I love the Crafty Little Things Etsy shop! My favorite thing (well, if I have to choose just one!) is the monogram anchor. What a lovely gift for anyone that lives near the sea! If I am lucky enough to win this one I'd keep for me! [email protected]

  23. While visiting The Crafty Little Things Etsy shop I pinned the 22" single monogramed anchor. I would dress it up a bit with some navy and red (sorry if I stole your idea it's just so cute!) and it would hang proudly in our nautical guest room. [email protected]

  24. ([email protected]) I think I would paint it up, and stick it on the wall for summer. I live near the bay, so my entire home is outfitted in nautical and beach attire :)

  25. If I won this, I would put it on the from door of our first home we just moved into a week ago!! :)

  26. If I were to win the anchor I would paint it with stripes and put a bow on it just like you did, but I may use different colors so I could keep it up all summer long!…I dont know, the red, white, and blue is pretty darn cute though :)

  27. I follow your blog and would love to win the wreath. I would give it as a gift for my middle daughter who turns 34 years old on the 4th of July. She is a new Mom of a 3 month old baby boy, our first Grandson!

  28. I pinned a few items – the ring holders and acrylic wine glasses – would be great gifts. And, I like the letters that you can paint – great for a kids room.

  29. If I won the anchor – I am not sure if I would keep for myself or give to my inlaws for their beach house. Tough decision!

  30. I pinned the connected monogram in the vine font! It is a gorgeous piece I can not wait to add to my home!

  31. I would love to put this beautiful anchor on my front door. It makes for such a cheery and patriotic entryway!

  32. I pinned the wooden three monogrammed door decoration to my Things I Like board on Pinterest. I liked Crafty Little Things FB page and left a comment that Dixie Delights sent me. I follow you on your blog, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. I will hang the anchor on my front door, if I win it! I think that about covers it! Thanks for the great giveaway! I love what you did to yours! My email is [email protected]. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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