Savannah Goings and Doings

I’ve been keeping up with my running plan – picking up 4 minutes each week with the ankle brace.  This view has made it so much easier!

photo 5 (14)

Mother made the yummiest cheese grits with roasted tomatoes from the May Southern Living.  I highly recommend for breakfast or supper!!

photo 2 (21)

We’ve also been super productive with the sewing machine!!!  My four curtains AND the roman shade are done for the family office.  I cannot wait to get these things steamed and hung!!!

photo 1 (22) 
Tricia at HKL Designs gave us some of the fabulous Lilly lobstah roll fabric so that Mother could make us shirts.  Hello, fabulous…

photo 3 (16) 
We spent all day one day measuring, pinning and sewing, so the next we treated ourselves to an afternoon of our favorite must-shops!  I replenished my honey supply and we made our way through the tasting bar at Savannah Bee Company.

photo 4 (16)
photo 1 (21)
We explored The Paris Market and I was thrilled to find the perfect vintage gold tassel to use as a chain pull in my office closet.

photo 2 (20)

photo 3 (15) photo 5 (15) photo 4 (15)

We stopped and people watched on Broughton for a spell.

photo 1 (23)

We lunched on ‘nana pudding at Back in the Day Bakery.  I also got a few of my favorite lavender shortbread cookies to go.

photo 3 (17)

photo 2 (22) 
And we popped in Clutter to see their newest curiosities. 

photo 1 (20)

Oh, and I poured through a box of pictures last night – here are just two of many gems…the day we got Taffy Shasta and Sooty…

photo 4 (2)

…and a Cabbage Patch celebration with Sister and one of my oldest friends B (from Disney Princess Weekend).

photo 5 
With that, we’re heading back to Atlanta late this afternoon.

PS. Today is the last day to order Disney autograph books and preppy notebooks and have them ship out on Tuesday!!  
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14 thoughts on “Savannah Goings and Doings

  1. Looks and sounds like you've had a lovely time in Savannah! Seeing your pictures makes me want to take my momma there for a girls trip soon! I adore your new Lilly monogram tops! The Lobster Roll is one of my new favs!

  2. I think you've shared before how your mom appliqués the monogram shirts for you but I could not find it on your blog. Would you please share that again? Thanks so much!

  3. Wow, you really covered a lot of ground while you were there! Glad to hear you are keeping up with the running. Love the childhood pictures. Your kitties are adorable. The orange one looks like the cat I had growing up.
    Cheers to a great getaway! – Shelley

  4. I love, love the monogrammed shirts and I also love your wonderings/musings posts.
    DiAnne in NC

  5. i envy you getting to spend time in my favorite city in the world…my husband always sits at that very same table your mom is on in front of The Paris Market…that way I can shop to my heart's content!

  6. Maggie and Sheepie – YES! It was a favorite :-) I also have on a Mickey watch!! I unearthed some funny Disney pics from our visits as kids that I will have to share.

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