Stars and Stripes 2014

After a week relaxing at home in Savannah, I came back ready to put out the stars and stripes for Flag Day!  I’ll leave it all up through the second week of July or so and just love how festive things look every time I pull up to the house.

June 2014 400 copy

June 2014 389 copy

I spent most of the day taping off and painting this darling wood monogrammed anchor from Crafty Little Things!!  Stay tuned tomorrow for a super giveaway.  *wink wink*
 June 2014 392 copy2

My pots are still with us.  Yee haw!!  I stuck flags in them just like I’ve been doing for the last twelve years!!!

June 2014 395 copy

Since our friends all use the side entry, I stuck a few flags in that pot as well.  Those plants are looking so hot.  Not shocking in the least.

June 2014 403 copy

I spruced up our little driveway sitting area.  It seems like the littles are spending more and more time at the pool this summer, which means less time sweating it out right here while they tirelessly scooter and ride bikes up and down the driveway.

June 2014 406 copy

And, around back I’ve added more flags and buntings.

June 2014 405 copy

June 2014 379 copy 
June 2014 385 copy

You can see the little path we added to the golf course below.  I really should get on some good shoes and go out there for some decent pictures. 

June 2014 381 copy

Finally, I threw a few flags in my garden pots.  Excuse the mess on my neighbor’s driveway.  Have I mentioned how much I wish they would go on and finish up the house and move on in?!?

June 2014 380 copy  
I’ve got to scoot – errands and laundry are calling my name.

11 thoughts on “Stars and Stripes 2014

  1. Amanda, your house looks so festive and fun! I love that you carried the festivity around the side and back and even to outside your garden. Love it all and thanks for sharing! Looking forward to the giveaway tomorrow.

  2. Your house always looks stunning with the patriotic decor. And I have GOT to get my hands on one of those monogrammed anchors! Adorable!

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