Easy Chalkboard Labels

I’m holding out on y’all a bit… my custom desks are done but I haven’t been able to photograph them between cloudy days and our beach trip!!  They are coming VERY soon!  (It might have to wait until after the littles start school and I have some time on my hands.)  In the mean time, I have been trying to outfit them for maximum functionality.  I scored a few seagrass baskets at Michael’s for 40% off PLUS an additional 25% off but they seemed a little blah in the all white desk cabinets.  Enter a can of Rust-Oleum chalk board paint, my new handy dandy spray paint handle (these are AWESOME!!  No more painter’s finger!!), and some dollar switch plate covers  …

July 2014 152

…for a couple of durable and easy peasy chalkboard labels!!!  I used a little raffia I had on hand to tie them to the baskets.

July 2014 149 copy

I’m super excited about how they turned out and can’t wait to finish up this entire room!!
 July 2014 151 copy

And seriously, the whole thing took about three minutes!!


We’ve got a fun day ahead – movies, mini-golf, pool, who knows what else.  The world is our oyster.  (Or at least our neighborhood!)

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18 thoughts on “Easy Chalkboard Labels

  1. This is truly one of those posts that makes me realize why your blog was added to my favorites :)
    A total "oh my goodness, why haven't I thought of that before" kind of moment! Hope your having a wonderful end of summer!

  2. I can't wait to make the chalkboards! I have adored the baskets that have these on them -but not their price. Thanks for another brilliant DIY!

  3. Brilliant!!! Why have I not thought of this myself?? I just bought some similar baskets at Home Goods last week to store toys in. Now I'm going to label them. Thank you so much!!!

  4. Amanda! How genius! Too bad I already went to the hardware store once today, because I would so be on my way there to copy this great idea. So smart. I love it.

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