I know some people out there are tired of FROZEN (say whaaatttt???), but not the W family!!  We were beyond excited to head out with our besties to meet Arendelle’s royalty at a local store.  Sweet little Nutty even had her mama spray her hair white for the occasion.  I’ve already claimed her as my future daughter in law, in case you were wondering.

photo 2 (10) copy   
We got our Little Golden Books signed by the princesses and managed to sneak in an extra for little CeeCee!!
photo 5 (8)

photo 4 (9) 
And afterwards we celebrated with some fro-yo.  You know, in keeping with the whole FROZEN theme.

photo 3 (11)

While I’m on the topic of FROZEN, per my littles’ summer bucket list, we’ll be hosting a FROZEN in Summer themed back to school party with bestie M.  You can find the invitation in my etsy store.

Frozen etsy

And, let me just mention that I was able to snag a coveted Meet Anna & Elsa FastPass+ time for our fall Disney trip.  Wahoooooooo!!!  I got the Seven Dwarves Mine Train too.  It was super stressful seeing as I had been asleep for two hours by the time my window opened and could barely think much less figure out what time I’d actually want to do these things.


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7 thoughts on “FROZEN Fun

  1. How fun! My sweet and dear friend is Elsa in the southern Alabama region. She does a fabulous job and sings all the songs too! I'm a FROZEN fanatic as well, and our local dance company is performing "Frozen" in March… Excited is an understatement!

  2. What a fun day! My kiddos would love it as well. Wondering when you knew your "window" was open for the fastpass+ on your up coming trip. We are going in November and it would be a huge fail on my part if I don't get the Meet and Greet booked as well. Thanks!

  3. I just found your blog…I miss the south! We just moved to Kansas out of Tennessee. Gotta love Frozen! My 7 year old is totally obsessed :)

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