Summer Style Soiree {Princess Diana}

The Summer Style Soiree is back – this month we’re going royal in memory of the gorgeous Princess Diana!!  Back in April, when I read on the The Daily South (Southern Living blog) that Diana’s favorite flower is the white rose, I knew then and there that I would use that tidbit for this edition of the Summer Style Soiree.

July 2014 102 copy

I was in a Georgia Tech study abroad program in London when Diana died.  It has stuck with me as one of the most raw and most emotional days I’ve ever witnessed.  We were on the tube when we found out and people literally were standing in the middle of the streets bawling.  Crying out.  She was truly the people’s princess.  In the following days, I took many a trip to Kensington Palace where the flowers were knee deep on the lawn for as far as the eye could see.  Her funeral procession to Westminster Abbey was eerily similar to the wedding procession that Mother woke me up to watch on the tv when I was only five years old.  Like so many around the world, I loved her from a very young age and I remain awestruck by her beauty and grace.

Now, back to the topic at hand…  the white rose is elegant enough on it’s own, but I used this as an opportunity to glam up the vase a little.  I mean, it can hardly be a post about a princes without a nod to the crown jewels.  I used a Dollar Tree vase, my favorite super fine and sparkly Martha Stewart glitter, Mod Podge and my new roll of (Haven swag) scalloped FrogTape Shape Tape to recreate my own version of As Mom Sees It’s glittered vases.

July 2014 093

Cut a length of FrogTape to fit around your vase.  Remove the back and adhere to the vase…

July 2014 094

Using a small paint brush, apply a coat of Mod Podge…

July 2014 095

Pour on the glitter.  I used a piece of parchment below to catch the excess so that I could dump it back into the bottle…

July 2014 096

Let it dry for a a few minutes, carefully remove the tape and then sit it to completely dry for an hour or so.

July 2014 114 copy 
This one is going to  a special friend today.  But don’t worry, I made one to keep for the new family office.

July 2014 136 copy

And, I may or may not have done four more jars for storage in the office.  If you were sitting still at my house today, there is a good chance you’ve received a coat of gold glitter.

Now, the really fun part is that YOU are invited to link up your creations below!!  This inspiration can be applied to anything as long as it ties back to the style icon- think fashion, table settings, home interiors, DIY, crafts, entertaining, recipes- the possibilities are endless!

Summer Style Soiree 2014 Invite

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11 thoughts on “Summer Style Soiree {Princess Diana}

  1. Love it! Gold and glitter, what's not to like. I have several clear glass containers laying around. Just need to pick up some glitter. And, lucky friend!!

  2. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when Princess Diana passed away. I can't imagine being there and experiencing that grief firsthand with so many people that idolized and loved her. Wow, what a memory, I am sure. The vase turned out just beautiful!

  3. Well, it seems forever since I've been able to visit ~ yucky computer problems! :( LOVE the gold and glitter! The flower arrangement is gorgeous and I'm sure your friend loves it. My favorite glitter is the Martha Stewart brand too.


  4. I'm going to make one of those! I just need some if that tape first! Your flower arranging has gotten very good. Do Ivspy your new built-ins in the background??? Plz send me a preview pic of them!!!

  5. I love the arrangement, and I want that vase too, in that nice big size! Maybe you can share some of your scallop tape. I am with Sister………….I also spy your new cabinets in the background………..and that brass handle…………swoon!
    Love, Marme

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