That’s A Wrap

I ran home from Haven Sunday only to orchestrate a little carb loading and hustling off to the county swim meet!!  Both boys qualified with Whit swimming freestyle and John competing in free, back and the medley relay.    photo 4 (6) copy  It’s worth mentioning that all of the boys individual qualifying times were towards to bottom of the pack.  We went into this for FUN and to extend the season a little since they were both so sad after the last meet.  Whit finished number 29 in the state – being one of only four 5 year olds that made it!!!   photo 5 (6) copy John ended up number 25 in the county for backstroke and number 40 in freestyle.  Not too shabby.    photo 1 (10) copy   And he was delighted that his relay took fourth place overall!!  That came with a big ribbon for the ring :-) July 2014 083 copy   It was a fun (and hot and sweaty and crowded) end to our first swim team season!!    With that, we are off to the ER for our last round of rabies shots.  And we’ve only received $47,000 worth of statements for our first two visits, with half of them filed under an insurance we haven’t had for two years.  Should be super straightening all this out :-)  Oh, and if I never see the inside of an ER again it will be too soon. xoxo

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5 thoughts on “That’s A Wrap

  1. Congrats to the boys!! Sounds like you have two future water athletes on your hands. I cannot even begin to imagine sorting that mess out!! Both of those hospitals billing departments are a nightmare, trust me, been there done that !

  2. Good job boys, what an awesome first season! So glad you're at the end of the ER visits – hopefully you won't be back there for a long, LONG time! xo

  3. Lucky momma you are to have the Haven conference so close. We had classic the same weekend and the distance made doing both impossible. Congrats to the boys!!!

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