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I’m interrupting my long winded Disney trip report to share five of my must-haves for ushering in fall as part of the Autumn Blog Hop today!! I was beyond excited when The Pink Clutch invited me to join and am flattered to be part of such a talented and FUN group of bloggers.


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Sept 29… Krystine Edwards
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Oct 1 … Fancy Ashley
Oct 3 … Vivid Hue Home

Down South, it hardly feels like fall until Halloween. In August we are full fledged back-to-school, and in September it’s all about football. All the while squeezing in pool days while we can. So, I’ve never truly embraced the traditional fall décor of gourds, mums, acorns and turning leaves. Instead, we go straight for SPOOKY come October 1!! It’s our second favorite holiday around these parts, and over the years we’ve amassed quite a few decorations. So, without further ado, here are MY top five things that signal fall has come!!

I love to perch black crows of all sizes throughout my décor for the month of August. They are ominous and foreboding and a just right touch for a spooky Halloween! Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the perfectly arranged fall blooms from bestie P. We spent a fabulous morning yesterday chit chatting and flower arranging.

DSC_0004 copy


Ghosts are new to my Halloween décor this year!! It rained yesterday so the only ones I could capture were in the pots on my front porch. Stay tuned for more in the coming days. BOO!!

DSC_0008 (2) copy1


This guy is fondly known as Skelly-Skellington. He comes out of his crypt in the attic one month a year to immensely enjoy himself on the porch. Nothing screams Halloween like a life sized skeleton in a dapper and comically oversized bow tie.

DSC_0013 copy1

Bats. Up until this year they were just some little decals and a couple of mobiles that were flew in for Halloween. Since the whole lot of us is now immune to rabies, I figured we should hardly give them the boot.

DSC_0005 copy2

These funny little guys scamper up and down the staircase in October. I’ve had them for five years and always look forward to their return.

DSC_0006 (2) copy1

I do hope you’ll pop back by later in the week for the full tour… if you dare. *bwahahahaha*


6 thoughts on “Autumn Blog Hop

  1. I spit my coffee out on your opening line about interrupting Disney you are hilarious and I miss laughing in person with you! Second, good for you for jumping on Halloween. I may do that tomorrow!! Your decor is fabulous and I need a skeleton in my life!

  2. Now I must have a skeleton!! Love your guy with the bow tie. :) I really love all of it and I know the littles do.

    I've thoroughly enjoyed all your Disney posts ~ seems your family enjoyed so, so many exciting activities and of course, you were certainly dressed for the part. I really think Disney should hire you as a consultant!


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