I am so beyond excited for our family to hit Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party this year decked out in our FROZEN finery!!

We learned a few key lessons at last year’s event… 1) It is HOT so dress accordingly. We had to cut the long sleeves off of our costumes to survive! 2) You’re there to walk the parks and have a blast, not for a costume contest. So, keep it fun but simple.

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Mother did all of the heavy lifting as far as the other three are concerned, but I took the lead on John’s Olaf outfit. We’re going simple, with just a short sleeved tee and a ball hat. He will wear shorts on the bottom.

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This is such a quick, easy and inexpensive DIY and would be perfect for Halloween night on a long sleeved tee or sweatshirt!

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You’ll need:

1 piece each of white, black and orange felt

black fabric paint (I had the 3D shiny Scribbles paint already. I didn’t end up using the orange.)

brown pipe cleaners

white baseball hat (It’s adult sized but adjustable enough to work.)

white tee shirt (Found mine on sale at Michael’s for $2.99)


hot glue

picture of Olaf’s face & buttons

Here’s how:

1. Using your Olaf picture as a guide, draw the outline of the white part of his eye on felt. Fold over and cut out both at one time.

2. Using one of your white circles, draw the outline of the larger black circle slightly bigger on the black felt. Fold over and cut out both at one time.

3. Cut two smaller black eye balls using the same method.

4. Using the Olaf picture as a guide, draw the outline of an eyebrow on brown felt. Fold over and cut both at one time.

5. I used a piece of paper to make a template for the orange nose. You can see the general shape of the orange felt before I formed it here.


6. Apply a line of hot glue down one side of the felt triangle. Roll up into a carrot shaped nose. I stuffed it lightly with some of my orange felt trimmings. Fold the ends inside of itself and glue to the hat with hot glue.

7. After the nose is in place, glue on the felt pieces for the eyes and eyebrows.

8. Using hot glue and pipe cleaners, form his hair. Glue this around the button on the top of the hat.

DSC_0010 (2) copy

9. For the shirt, slip the picture of his buttons inside of the shirt and center. Use this as a guide to paint the buttons with fabric paint.


And that’s it!! I cannot wait for John to see this!!

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As for the rest of our crew, I brainstormed, sketched and scoured the craft stores for a few inexpensive supplies, and Mother was able to bring them to life in a way that was even better than I imagined!!!

Whit is going as Sven. I asked them a while back what character they would choose to dress up as if there were ever the occasion, so I got their input without telling them exactly why. I was even able to try his ears out on him when they came in the mail – no questions asked :-) We used reindeer antlers and this brown t-shirt as the base. Mother added a swath of white fur around the neck and the red felt strips with bells to mimic Sven’s harness. I turned his swim team medal around and used gold glitter paint to add a snowflake. He will wear brown shorts on the bottom. I think it just turned out precious!!

DSC_0222 copy

Honey will be attending the party as the handsome and loveable Kristoff!! We started with this gray beanie cap and this gray t-shirt, and added red felt and fur trim to the shirt and as a large waist tie. Like the boys, Honey will just wear shorts on the bottom.

DSC_0220 copy

I’ve saved the best for last… my Anna princess moment. I mean, I had to be a reptile last year, for crying out loud. I started with a black tank from Target, to which Mother added the gold trim and I added the floral detail. She made a separate short skirt (due to the heat) out of solid blue fabric on a gold waistband. I added the same floral detail to the bottom with fabric paint. (PSA: When measuring for the length of a skirt, do not use shorts. 14” on a skirt does not equal 14” on shorts. I will be wearing bike shorts underneath so as to not be removed from the Magic Kingdom. LOL)

DSC_0011 copy

Once again, I couldn’t have done this without Mother. She’s the best side-kick a girl could ask for!

PS. Here we are sporting our costumes at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!!


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13 thoughts on “DIY FROZEN Costumes

  1. The costumes are adorable and your enthusiasm for Disney makes me smile! I have to show my younger son the Olaf costume. He spent the whole summer trying to win an Olaf stuffed toy in one of those arcade crane-pick-up games. I ended up buying him one and surprising him on the first day of school. We all love Frozen around here too! Have a wonderful time!

  2. Amanda! These are so adorable! I have got to get on the ball with ours. We will be heading there also with our two boys (12 and 2 years old) and my in-laws. I think we are going as parts of a Green Bay Packer football game. Hubby is going to be the coach. I'm going to be the referee. The 12 year old will be a player. The 2 year old a football, and my in-laws Packer fans. We are so excited! This will be our first time at MNSSHP!

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