Did I scare you? Not yet? Well, keep on reading because our Halloween is spookier than ever this year!!


DSC_0054 copy

I went with a little ghost theme out front when I fell in love with the mesh ghost stakes on sale at Michael’s. If you live near me, I bought them out.

DSC_0058 copy

They store flat, which is always nice for holiday decorations.

DSC_0056 copy

The creepy crawlie spider was pressed back into action this year. I love how he looks up on the porch balcony.

DSC_0070 copy

And I’ve been coveting Bronwyn Hanahan’s ghost door hanger for a whole twelve months. I could hardly decide last year and this year I just didn’t think my spectacle of specters would be complete without it.

DSC_0067 copy

Michael’s also had little mini ghost stakes, which I couldn’t resist for the pots. They were $2.50 each!

DSC_0076 copy

And last year’s light up jack o’ lanterns are back again. I had my last ones for 10 years before they finally gave out.

DSC_0074 copy

Speaking of the pots, the flowers were looking really sad, so I pulled them out and tucked in a few faux pumpkins. Real would have been better but they just rot here in our heat.

DSC_0008 (2) copy1

So, y’all come on in… if you dare.

DSC_0095 copy

DSC_0091 copy

Bats swoop around the mirror, crows have landed on the table and rats are climbing the stairs.

DSC_0092 copy

I am still SO glad I finally splurged on the Ballard Designs jack o’ lantern shades a few years back. I’d really like 9 more for my kitchen. But the darned things don’t go on sale.

DSC_0006 (2) copy1

Giant spiders are running amuck in the den. These are from the Martha Stewart line at Michael’s and are new to my collection this year. The bats and rats are also Martha Stewart from past years.

DSC_0077 copy

Bestie P helped me with the flowers and I LOVE them!! Flower arranging is decidedly not my forte. And by the way, I put the candy corn out four days ago and it still hasn’t been eaten. I should probably take the littles to the doctor because they are obviously ill. Look closely at the two girls in the picture…

DSC_0087 copy

… because everything is not always as it seems at Halloween!

DSC_0004 copy

I bought four of those hologram pics at the dollar store a few years ago. Last year I put them in four dollar store frames. You know, cause a two dollar picture is twice as good as a one dollar picture. And because I got tired of swapping them out for the pictures in my real frames. I picked up the hand on a trip to New Orleans with Sister and Bestie R.

DSC_0083 copy

Over at the banquette we have old grandma rotten face. And I stuck a bunch of clip on spiders on my favorite oyster shell. *bwahahahaha*

DSC_0081 copy

Yet another giant spider is crawling up the cloche on the side table. I think it’s time for Terminix!!

DSC_0089 copy

In the kitchen we’ve got witch’s hair, crows and a bag of bones. I like to cluster this arrangement all on a silver tray so that it’s easy to pick up and move at meal time.

DSC_0103 copy

DSC_0010 copy1

The littles have been beside themselves to get into the cereal bar. I had to make them wait on my pictures because I figure they will make quick work of it.

DSC_0099 copy

My very favorite Happy Everything plate is back with it’s spider attachment. Bestie P brought me the taffy with the flowers (hello, lover) and I decorated the crow at Sister’s craft party a few years back.

DSC_0098 copy

The dining room is all set up for an undead dinner party. I’d probably get on my Sunday Supper menu STAT.

DSC_0011 copy1

I’m so glad I picked up the dessert plates at Pottery Barn a few years ago. I just wished I had bought more! I love love love the cauldron bubbling over with glass Christmas balls. That was a shameless steal from Sister. Bringing in fall leaves is great for texture and color and is totally FREE. The rats were from the dollar store.

DSC_0107 copy

I moved my old tulle wreath to the porch door and freshened it up with new ribbon.

DSC_0065 copy

And then I went to town on the porch. This time of year is probably one of our favorite ones to be outside. So we start and end most days right here. It’s fun to have it looking so festive!!

DSC_0018 (2) copy1

Old skelly skellington really has the life…er, death. Lounging around in his dapper bow tie all da and night long.

DSC_0013 copy1

DSC_0015 (2) copy1
DSC_0017 copy1

We love to play dominos, cards and dice games out here in the evenings.

DSC_0023 (2) copy2

The nevermore canvas was a DIY project of yore that just keeps coming back year after year. See the full how-to here!

DSC_0022 (2) copy2

DSC_0021 copy

I had to fill my bowl with orange pumpkins this year. It’s fine and the pop of color fits in. The white mini pumpkins were $5 EACH at Publix. Say what???? Must be a white mini pumpkin shortage I don’t know about.

DSC_0020 copy1

I switched up the chalk board this year to one of my littles’ favorite chants this time of year. #lifewithboys

DSC_0019 copy2

And, we’ve got a little s’more bar going on at the sideboard. This is another favorite way to end our evenings in the fall.

DSC_0025 copy2

And, with that, I hope I haven’t scared you silly!! Thanks for taking the tour.

Boo, y’all!


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39 thoughts on “BOO!

  1. Awesome tour Amanda! You really go all out for Halloween! I love the new addition of those ghosts in the yard… I may have to steal that idea. Oh, and by the way, your front yard looks fantastic. I am sure the boys are loving every bit of the decor!

  2. Amanda…how about pruchasing some plain white chandelier shades. Rim the top and bottom with orange velvet ribbon (or black) and then use cut out black bats (vellum, paper, vinyl?) on the inside of the shades. When the lights are on the bats will show through as silhouettes. As creative as you are, this will be a snap to do…plus they will be cheaper than the Ballard shades! You could also use spiders or pumpkins or witch silhouettes too. In fact, it might be neat to do a different silhouette on each shade.
    Okay, now I'm going to use my own idea… tee hee!

  3. BOO! Your home is spooktacular, as always! Love the new ghost-y touches!

    About your chandelier covers – would it be possible to make them from paper similar to how you made the sleeve covers for your foyer?

    Happy Friday! xo

  4. I read your blog every day, but today was just unbelievable!!! I LOVE your Halloween decor!!! So fab!

    And I love that gold Greek Key pillow you have in your family room. I need one of them stat!

  5. OMGosh, Amanaa!!! What a fun fun fun post. You have outdone yourself. The kids must love it. I love it, too. I wish I lived closer- I would come over with pumpkin cupcakes and look at everything up close and personal. Just LOVE it!!!! xo Diana

  6. This is your best Halloween post yet! I also picked up the Michaels ghosts because that is my outside theme. :) Is your front door garland simply a twisted spool, tied with bits of fabric? I LOVE it! Great, great job and the blackboard is hilarious! Have a nice, relaxing weekend, A. I hope you're feeling better.

    Jane ~ San Diego

    1. Hi Jane – You always brighten my day :-) Yes, the garland is that deco mesh stuff that comes on a spool at Michael's. And yes, I tied it with bits of ribbon. Thank you!!

  7. PS
    I am craaaazy over your little Tim Burton style ghost on the porch table (of which you surely added the bow!) Please ask Sister to show her Halloween home again this year. Pretty please??! And tell us how you keep your porch so clean. :) Thank you for kicking off Friday in such a fun way!


  8. I love it all! And the little touch of replacing your low country map in your coffee table on the porch, with the black and white polka dots was so cute. Love it all as usual!!

  9. My favorite Halloween house of all time! I need to find the fireplace spiders as we so a spider theme here as a tribute to the small ones let tarantula!

  10. You've been busy! Everything looks awesome and I know the littles love it. I always enjoyed decorating when my kids and then the grands were small. So much fun!


  11. Thank goodness my 3 littles don't check your blog….they would harass me to no ends for decorations like yours. Perhaps I can just send them off to your place for the weekend…lol. The cute ghosts you added this year, I could handle though.


  12. Thank you, Dixie doll! I am only allowing myself to steal your cute garland idea because we (sadly) live on opposite coasts but will give you full credit! Love, Jane :)

    PS I miss seeing your mom and dad!

  13. My apologies if this is a double comment, I wasn't signed in the first attempt and don't know if its in pre-approval purgatory or didn't go through at all.

    I would love to make the Poe canvas as I teach a month long unit on his work. It would be great to have it hanging in the classroom during this time, as well as in the house during October. I jumped over to the post on how to make it and you mention we could email you for the full download. Is this still possible?


  14. I'd love to make the Poe canvas. I teach a month long unit and would love to be able to hang this in the classroom during that time, as well as have it in my home during October. The original post indicated we could email you directly to get the complete download. I think you've become so popular over the last two years that I wasn't sure if that was still an option, or if you would be overwhelmed by requests.

    Thank you,

    1. THANK YOU!!! Is it the kitchen fabric? Unfortunately it's no longer made. It's Chatelet in Breeze. The other bird fabric in the office is from Calico Corners and is called Egret in Blue Heaven.

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