Countdown to Disney

Y’all know how I love a good themed dinner!? Well, this time around we announced our Disney holiday extravaganza to the littles with a Disney dinner, game and movie night!! We dined on our favorite lasagna soup with Mickey shaped garlic bread and played Disney HedBanz (that’s been hiding in my closet for a year now)!DSC_0352

I keep a tub of Disney things in the attic so it’s always easy to throw these little events together. I mean, I’ve been using the same mini-Mickey balloon since the baby’s 3rd birthday party! Those big hands have been the most versatile souvenir ever carried home from the world. I laughed when John picked them out, but have since employed them in many ways :-)


I made the Mickey chalkboard attachment for my Happy Everything plate this summer. I didn’t get to use it when we went in September since we just whisked them straight from the school bus into the loaded car. You can find the how-to here!

I shared our favorite lasagna soup recipe in a musings post a while back, but in case you missed it look HERE. It serves a TON. I usually cook only half of the pasta. I make all of the soup/sauce and freeze half of it. We can eat the other half for 2 nights and then we unfreeze the rest and cook the other box of pasta for dinners later in the month. I do make all of the cheese part because we LOOOOOVE cheese around these parts. I used my Mickey cookie cutter to make the garlic toast.


DSC_0360 copy

For dessert the littles had Mickey rice krispie treats. You might be thinking these look just like the ones in the parks, and you would be right!! When we left in September we still had a few snack credits on our dining plan. I picked these up, and a few other things, and threw them in the freezer when we got home. I am happy to report that they thawed perfectly and were such a fun and yummy taste of the happiest place on earth!!!




When the dinner plates were cleared we donned our HedBanz and the night really got fun!!





(Don’t mind my pj pants.)


After we wrapped up our game, we settled in on the sofa with popcorn and the Grinch movie. (I really need a good Disney Christmas movie!)

And so, the countdown begins… *squeal*

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  1. You and your family are amazing! Your children will have the most wonderful memories from the precious times you provide. Always cheered by your posts. Your children are a blessing yes, but they are blessed to have for their mommy. Peggy

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