Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

For our family, there just isn’t anything more magical or breathtaking than Christmastime at Disney. I’m going all out of order on our trip update, but one of our favorite days was spent at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party in the Magic Kingdom. This is a special ticket event that will give you park admission starting at 4p.m. and then let’s you stay for the Christmas party from 7p.m. to midnight.DSC_0039DSC_0045


We made fast pass reservations for Space Mountain (and a few non-stop trips on the People Mover for Honey and Whit), Thunder Mountain and the Jingle Cruise before the party start time at 7. It’s great to knock out a few favorites early in the night!!





We also FINALLY hit up the Friar’s Nook in Fantasyland for the brisket mac and cheese bowls. I can’t.stop.thinking.about.it. So very yummy!!


The Magic Kingdom is magical any day of the year, but it just blows me away at Christmas.


Since we were back in Fantasyland around 6:30, we headed to Storybook Circus to check on Sandy Claws. Well, much to our delight, he had just starting visiting and we waited only about 10 minutes before getting to meet him in his first appearances ever!! The littles were delighted. The Seven Dwarves are also out at this party, but we weren’t dying to see them OR wait in line.


At this point, we headed towards the castle to check out Elsa’s Castle Lighting and the Celebrate the Season stage show.


DSC_0075 (3)




We really, really wanted curb side seats on Main Street for the late Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmastime Parade, so at this point we staked out our seats. From here we watched Holiday Wishes – a breathtaking show with music and fireworks. All while sitting under a snowfall on Main Street USA drinking hot cocoa and cookies (complimentary at locations throughout the park).

DSC_0110 (3)

DSC_0126 (2)






While we waited, we took turns grabbing more hot cocoa and cookies and knocking out a few rounds of Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. And, before we knew it, it was time for the highlight of the evening – the most amazing 40 minute long Christmas parade ever!!!

DSC_0210 (2)

Things kick off with a few favorite characters dressed in their holiday finery.


And then the Aredelle crew followed, Anna and Elsa arriving in a horse drawn carriage under the snow. Ahhhh…


DSC_0146 (2)

DSC_0147 (2)

DSC_0152 (2)

The littles still adore Wreck It Ralph.


The parade is an emersion of the senses. Not only is it snowing and you are drinking hot cocoa and eating sugar cookies, but the music is amazing and the floats actually smell as they go by!! Think pine, gingerbread, cookies, etc. It’s just remarkable.


DSC_0162 (2)


Just like the last time we came to the event, Cinderella in her glass carriage drawn by miniature white ponies made it for me.


DSC_0173 (2)


DSC_0182 (2)

The toy soldiers marching down Main Street are another amazing sight … and sound.


DSC_0206 (3)

And the whole thing culminates with Santa!


At this point we browsed through the Main Street shoppes for a few Christmas party souvenirs on our way out. If you go:

  • The party ticket lets you in the gate at 4pm. We usually don’t have a park ticket for this day since it’s such a long night.
  • You can make Fast Pass reservations from 4-7pm with your party ticket. Knock out a few favorites early on!
  • Don’t schedule a long table service dinner as it will eat up too much party time. Grab something quick before 7pm.
  • If you are interested in Sandy Claws, I’ve read he is out around 6:30pm on party nights but they do check for wrist bands. Get there early before the crowd!
  • Don’t forget to pick up the special Christmas Party Sorcerer Card. This year it’s Elsa!
  • If you collect pins, get them early on. They were sold out of the Olaf one we wanted by the end of the night.
  • Stake out a seat EARLY for the late parade (the early parade was impossible – 5 deep on Main Street). We were there for over an hour but it was well worth it.
  • Speaking of the parade, Main Street is the optimal viewing spot for this one. I mean, the lights, snow, castle, etc. are just breathtaking. We usually opt for Frontierland, but this is one you really want to see from Main Street.
  • Our party was the last one of Thanksgiving week and sold out. It was CRAZY. We didn’t have nearly enough time to do everything we did back in 2012 when we were there the first week of December.


It was the most magical of nights!

12 thoughts on “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

  1. I think you know the question many will have. Where did you get your cute cute pants? I need those leggings immediately. Looks like such a fabulous trip!!!! What a treat for the boys.

  2. I'm going to the MVMCP with a 3 year old and a 16 month old in a week. I REALLY want my 3 year old daughter to be able to see the parade from a good spot. How early should we stake out our seats for the early parade? (I don't think my 3yr old could stay awake for the 10:30). Everything I've read says "early", but with a preschooler and a toddler I feel like I need specifics =)

    1. You aren't going to like this but I would say AT 7pm. Take a towel and spread it out on the curb. Then just one of you can sit and wait while the rest aren't stuck there holding seats. It's SO worth it! There is a hot chocolate and cookie station in tomorrow land and at crystal palace so it's easy to send someone to get and bring back :-) You could also plan to pick up hot dogs right there at casey's and eat on the curb while you wait.

  3. We went to Disney over fall break and it was our first time seeing it decorated that way, I would love to go back during Christmas! How fun!

  4. We love Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!!! It is so much fun & you looked like you had a blast. I have to say I LOVE your outfit, it is SO CUTE!!! All the times we've been to Disney World, how on earth did I not know about brisket mac & cheese? Thanks for the heads up for our next trip.

    1. It is a hidden gem :-) It keeps strange hours (in my opinion) so this was the first time I actually got it!! They also did mac n cheese hot dogs, which I am recreating STAT. xo

  5. SOOO jealous!!! so much fun! i love Disney at christmastime!!! Also i LOVE your outfit!! where is your top from? or did you make it? i love the sequined elbows!! cute as always!

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