Sour Candy Factory

I’ve already over-shared on John’s favorite Christmas gift of the year (Ticket to Ride), and wanted to follow suit with the baby’s best – the Sour Candy Factory Kit .


He’s been itching to give it a go so we spent all.morning.long in the kitch yesterday whipping up all sorts of … um… interesting treats.

DSC_0022 (2)

Hours upon hours later, we had made marshmallows, gummies, lollipops, powder candy, liquid candy AND are in the initial phase of rock candy.


He absolutely adored the whole process and felt like a real scientist measuring out the flavorings and adding colorings.  Some of it was pretty good.  However, I could have lived a whole and fulfilling life with never sampling sour grape flavored green marshmallows made by a six year old.


If you have a little scientist that would love this, I will say that you really need to have some of your own molds for the gummies and lollipops.  The ones they provide are itty bitty.  I dug around in the cabinet and found plenty of things that would work so it wasn’t an issue.

A while back John received the Sci-Fi Slime Science Kit and we had just as much fun with that!  (read about it here)

These both make great gifts for $15-17!  I know I always appreciate gifts that aren’t played with once and then live out the rest of eternity in a basket in the basement.



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3 thoughts on “Sour Candy Factory

  1. He looks so proud of his creations!! I have a recipe for homemade slime we made for VBS this past year. Super easy, cheap, and the boys would love playing with it. Perfect for the summer months!!

  2. I love gifts that are actually something the boys can DO – this would be right up Cade's alley! Your scientist looks very proud (and always adorable). xo

  3. Caroline would LOVE this!! Her very favorite gifts are those science experiments you can get for about $10 at Target. She feels so big playing with stuff like that!

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