Gorilla Glue to the Rescue

A box chocked full of Gorilla Glue products arrived while I was in Savannah for Christmas.  I was excited for a couple of reasons…


1) Because hot glue just doesn’t fix it all.  (see 3 below for more info)

2) Because Honey owns all the other glues around here and I DO NOT relish a trip to his dark, dank, creepy-crawly basement storage room when I need them.

DSC_0027 (3) copy

3. Because the letters fell off of one of our expectations charts AGAIN.  For the umpteenth time.  Hot glue just does not bond wood to metal and I’m finally going to admit it now that I have so many other options at my disposal.

DSC_0025 copy

4. When I was setting up to glue the letters, I knocked the decorative wood medallion off the end of my grandfather’s old sewing drawer turned mudroom catchall.

DSC_0026 (3) copy

Enter Gorilla Super Glue Gel and Gorilla Wood Glue to the rescue.  In no time flat everything was fixed!  And I have safely squirreled away my glue stash for the next time.

DSC_0028 (3) copy

Now, someone recently asked me how we pay allowances, so I thought while I was sharing pics of our expectations charts, I’d spill the deets.

  • Each day the littles have six expectations to complete.  Five are standard: make bed, read, pick up toys/clothes/etc, wash/brush teeth/go to bed, and use manners/listen/respect.  The sixth is “mommy’s choice” and varies based on what we have going on that day.  It could be helping with laundry, setting the table, helping with dishes, etc.
  • When, at the end of each day, every expectation has been fulfilled, one of the “good job” magnets gets moved up under that day.  We don’t give partial credit.
  • At the end of the week, the littles receive allowance for the days completed.  At this point in time, we follow the rule of one dollar per week per year of age.  So, John can earn up to nine dollars a week and Whit can earn six dollars a week.  I’ll be brutally honest and say that it is a VERY rare week (I can think of 1 in the last 3 months) that they earn it all.  The whole listening/manners/respect thing usually is the kicker.
  • One dollar of their allowance goes into their savings accounts each week, no matter how much they earn.
  • They use their own money for anything they want… toys, games, apps, candy, a drink at their basketball game, donuts after mass, whatever.  You can count on John to spend his the second he gets it.  Whit, however, is sitting on a nice stash of cash right now.  Both have been contributing to the Christmas Jar this year too :-)
  • You can see how I made the charts here!

We are celebrating CeeCee’s birthday today AND both boys have basketball games!!  Happy weekend!!

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8 thoughts on “Gorilla Glue to the Rescue

  1. I love your blog Amanda. You are so sweet and the love of life comes through in every post. I never comment, so here I am commenting.
    Just want to warn anyone using Gorilla Glue with pets to keep it out of reach from pets. It is extremely toxic to them. My Golden Retriever got into it as we left it on the kitchen counter. We almost lost her, but by the grace of God and a fantastic vet we were able to preform emergency surgery and save her.
    Gorilla Glue has a warning and is a great product. Lemony was just our first Golden and we were shocked at how high she could reach. We learned our lesson, so I always warn pet owners to beware and store it REALLY high.

  2. Oh this post is so timely….J wants to earn a weekly allowance and I hadn't quite figured out how to go about it. I think I'll be spending the day making charts!

  3. I was just wondering how you framed the metal sheets? Did you glue the frame together and then to the metal? I didn't see any screws so figured that might be it. They look sooo good!

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