A Pot of Gold {Free Printable}

The PCP’s teacher asked me if I was interested in pulling together a little St. Patrick’s Day treat for the class.  And while I thought I just couldn’t add one more thing to my plate right now, I ended up saying YES!  (Thanks to a sleepless night that left my mind running rampant with ideas.)  Treats and celebrations are my jam, after all.  Not to mention, I don’t know how many more years I have left of teachers that WANT to do things like this.

DSC_0060 copy

I’m going to be totally upfront and say that the three I finished for this picture are the only three I’ve done.  I’m going to have some help from Mother this weekend so I figure it will be a whole lot more fun to knock it out together.  (Get EXCITED, Marme!)

DSC_0058 copy

One requirement was that I wanted this endeavor to be as cost effective as possible, and I was pretty happy when the grand total came in at $10.  Here’s what you’ll need:

– Pretzel bags – Michael’s – $2 for 20 – I hunted high and low for smaller skinnier bags to no avail.  You will have to fold the extra bag back and tape it if you end up going with these.

– Rolo’s – Dollar Tree – $1 for bag of 14

– Gumballs – Dollar Tree – $1 for bag – I’m getting about 9 out of a bag using gumballs in 6 different colors.  There are extra gumballs left over in each bag.  I almost went with the a la cart wrapped gumballs at Party City (about 15 for $1) so that they would fit in my pretzel bags better, but since I already had the smaller gumballs from Dollar Tree I resisted the temptation.

– Rainbow ribbon – Michael’s – $3 with coupon

– “Lucky to have you in my class” printable tag >>> Lucky to have you

DSC_0061 copy

When he came home from school and broke out into a strange celebratory dance when he saw this in the works, I knew then and there that I made the right call by saying YES!  I’m LUCKY to have him as my kid.


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  1. You always amaze me with your creative ideas! These are so cute and perfect for a 3rd grade class. I feel sure that the teachers your boys have in the future will want to continue with these projects when they learn of your talent!


  2. Should you ever need skinny bags again you might want to check out clearbags.com. I've bought from them for years and have never been disappointed.

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