Slightly Coastal

I’ve got a new little something something in the kitchen…


DSC_0104 copy

Isn’t he just perfect?!?!  My sweet reader friend, Nancy, over at Slightly Coastal made it and sent it to me!!!   She designed her own coastal inspired textile line and is in the process of setting up a shop on etsy.  In the mean time, I’m sure you could contact her directly ([email protected]) for more info!

DSC_0109 copy

I tried this fellow in the guest room, the baby’s room and in the den (that room has been a revolving door lately) before I decided he was just too good to hide away upstairs or on a banquette with a billion other pillows.  I’ve been needing a third pillow for this bench, and the colors are great with the monogrammed chairs and curtains.

DSC_0112 copy

I always love adding something “slightly coastal” to my décor.  It’s where I’m from and where I love to be…


Slightly Coastal
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  1. Amanda! He looks so cute in that spot! Thanks so much for showing him off. I'm sewing this week and hope to be open soon. Thanks for featuring him and being such a great inspiration to me!

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