Boy Mom Madness {Features}

Well, y’all probably thought I’d forgotten about sharing features from our fun Boy Mom Madness week earlier this month.  It’s been a doozie this Spring… with school, sports, traveling and the likes.  At any rate, I had so much fun going through all of the links over my morning coffee and wanted to share some of my favorites!!


3 Little Greenwoods shared a fantastic home-grown backyard campout party that I know my littles would adore.  I think we might do just this to kick off summer!  I mean, y’all know how much I looooove camping.

Backyard Campout Cake by 3 Little Greenwoods


One Krieger Chick shows us how to make a darling keepsake silhouette memory board.  I thought this would be fantastic combined with a growth chart and the size makes it easy to find a spot for.


The Heathered Nest knocked my socks off with her boys’ rooms.  I couldn’t even close the browser window because I already know I need to go back and study them again and again.

And… the other room from The Heathered Nest.  She’s gooooood, y’all.

Boys Transportation Room, boys room ideas, boys train room, train wall mural, houndstooth rug, hudson blanket

Bigger Than the Three of Us shares the most clever DIY car light switch.  Another thing my boys would love.  And Jay Bird would just go crazy for.  (Of course, I can envision him having Sister swap out the toy every week or so.)

DIY Car Light Switch

Bigger Than the Three of Us didn’t stop there.  She went on to share a DIY closet reading loft.  It’s SO super cool.  What kid wouldn’t love this?!?

This tutorial will show you how to build a DIY Reading Loft in the closet!
My sweet friend Christy at 11 Magnolia Lane revealed her teen boy’s room.  I love that she’s a little ahead of me so that I can always take notes.  I mean, one day I’ll have two teen boys.  OMG.

teen boys room gray

Dolen Diaries made Minecraft targets for the Nerf guns.  Again, my littles would go ga-ga for this.  I’m adding it to the summer bucket list for sure.  In fact, John is currently in the throes of making Minecraft key chains for 3rd grade market day.  At the pace he’s going I might never reclaim my kitchen table.  Oy!

Minecraft Target Practice {perfect for Nerf & water guns} from Dolen Diaries

And finally, Bitz n Giggles teaches how to make Electric Eels.  I know this is something boy mom’s can really unite on… a fizzy drink with squiggly worms.  We’ll definitely be doing this one too.

Electric Eels

So, with that, I hope you’ll find loads of inspiration for your boys and girls alike.  I really loved seeing all of these clever ideas and found a few new blogs to follow as well!!

On that note, I’m off to tackle one of the longest to-do lists I might have ever had.  End of school year + end of season for track, baseball and soccer + family coming to town + a 40th birthday to celebrate + a closet that completely collapsed last night = LOTS to do.

7 thoughts on “Boy Mom Madness {Features}

  1. Fun, fun ideas! Can't wait to go over & check them out!

    I don't envy your to-do list, but it sounds like lots of fun coming up (minus dealing with the closet)! xo

  2. Thanks for the feature, Amanda–I'm definitely in tall cotton with all the talent you've shared! Can you believe my firstborn is going to be 15 this winter?! #idie Thank goodness that teenage boys still love their mommies very much!

  3. Thank you so very very much for the features, Amanda :) I was seeing all kinds traffic from down South today, and now I know why! Thrilled to be in the company of some wonderful blogging buddies here today, too. Thanks so very much again. Heather

  4. If you do decide to do the camp out party to start off summer, I have a scavenger hunt printable I designed you can download! Also, some ideas for treats and snacks at my post I did over at New Orleans Moms Blog a few years ago for my son's "camping" themed birthday party. Since your boys are older, you could definitely let them pop the tent in the backyard, set up a sheet and a projector and play a fun "camping" movie… like Great Outdoors with John Candy! It's not too offensive and it's a classic!

    There are so many fun things you can do with a camping theme- your boys will love it!! Let me know if you need any fonts or graphics, as I'm pretty sure I still have them saved on my external hard drive!

    Here's the link to my post which some details of where I sourced things:

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