Blue Aves

Back when we got married, every bride I knew was picking white china with a silver or gold rim.  It was pretty, but I just wasn’t in love with it enough (based on how expensive it was) to put it on our registry.  And I already had an entire set of blue willow everyday china from Mother.   (“You don’t have to get married to have nice china.” – Mother circa 2000)  Soooo, we ended up with twelve place settings worth of sterling silver and Waterford crystal (which I am SO thankful to have) and still were able to add a plain white everyday china (Butler’s Pantry by Lenox) to the registry.  It was so inexpensive at the time that we got it all and have used it as our fine china for the last thirteen years.


Butler's Pantry Buffet Dinnerware by Lenox

What I LOVE about it is that I have collected seasonal salad plates to use with it.  I’ve got Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and a few others.  We use them for casual suppers with friends and fancy holiday meals as well!  They are just so versatile and they can be popped in the dishwasher.

Now, there has been one extraordinarily “fine” salad plate that I have wanted to add to my collection since I first saw it hanging on Mother’s wall many moons ago… Blue Aves by Royal Crown Derby.  It’s fresh and timeless and fancy and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have day dreamed many a place setting with these beauties.

So, this year for Christmas I received almost exclusively cash from Mother and Daddy-O, Sister and her Mister and Honey’s family.  I pooled it all into one fabulous purchase that I will have forever… a set of Blue Aves salad plates.  They travelled all the way from England over the course of two and a half looooong months and I nearly passed out the day the finally arrived.

DSC_0067 (2) copy

The burlap chargers are borrowed from bestie P and the napkins were a gift from her.  I’ve had the blue and white candlesticks (Spode) since our wedding as well.




I would LOVE to add the rimmed soup bows and coffee cups to my collection over the years.  But for now, I’m as pleased as punch to have just the salad plates grace my table!

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16 thoughts on “Blue Aves

  1. Love love love blue and white and those salad plates are lovely. I am seeing blue and white in all the home decor magazines right now and I have been a fan for years and refuse to give mine up. I think blue and white is always in good taste.

  2. Can I just say how happy it makes me to see a young woman that still gets excited about a china pattern. If I hear one more time "who really uses a formal dinning room"? Or l when I go wedding gift shopping and the only plates the bride registers for is everyday {120 pieces in one giant box} china. Enjoy your beautiful salad plates ~ they are lovely!

  3. They are beautiful, and so worth the wait!!! I too am still eating off of and loving my Butler's Pantry! It's been a constant for almost 13 years now!! Love all of the Butler's Pantry inspiration you give!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! The cobalt blue of the monogrammed napkins really sets off the plates! The table scape is just stunning. Good advice from your mom…when I was getting married (20+ years ago) it seemed I was the only one registering for wedding china. I picked a pattern that coordinated with the silver pattern my husband's mother gave us. I never tire of breaking out my wedding china, crystal and silver for holidays or special occasions!

  5. Beautiful!!! What a pretty pattern!!
    For my birthday, my eldest and his wife gave me a set of 6 plates. Blue and white transferware… ohmygoodness!!! I have drooled over them in the vintage market. Liberty Blue. SWOON!!! Like you, I am thinking I will have to add to then set. But for now… I will luv on these !
    Enjoy your new purchase :)

  6. Those plates are so beautiful and elegant. Great choice and well worth the wait. Not to mention that they fit so well with your gorgeous dining room!

  7. I love this post! Your dining room is beautiful and those salad plates awe so great.
    DiAnne in NC

  8. Fabulous pattern! And your blue, monogrammed napkins are so fresh and different! You always inspire.
    Jane ~ San Diego

  9. My mom has a set of china that has a blue pattern on it that is similar to yours, but it is realllly old… like almost 50 years old. I always asked her if I could have it and she told me "someday" haha.

    Meanwhile, I have china that has platinum stripes and then blue borders because I wanted something different than everyone else. Love how you styled it with those monogrammed napkins!

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