May Flowers

Somehow the month got away from me (well, let’s be honest… I know how it happened between birthdays, school, sports, anniversaries, Mom’s Day and the likes) and I never got around to sharing my new fun and colorful May door decor!!


I had been using a large basket of French tulips for eons and, while they had a good run, they were finally just to dingy to bring out again this Spring.  And since I’ve had a long standing love affair with Bronwyn Hanahan, I promptly hopped on her site to see what she had in store.  This colorful flower pot was screaming my name!  I opted for custom personalization of just a W with the two dots on either side.
Since the door got such a colorful dressing, it was only fair to include the best poochies in the world (you know, the kind that don’t chew up your Jacks or tee tee on your rugs). 


Now, I have my sights set on adding her firecracker for July 4th…  the struggle is real.Moving right along to other topics, do any of you bloggers use Windows Live Writer?  It seems to be kaput.  I’ve used it for years and it was SO easy to write, watermark photos and the likes.  I’d love to hear any alternative solutions!!


9 thoughts on “May Flowers

  1. I love the color of your door…you've probably posted what it is but can you remind me?

    As far as Windows Live Writer, apparently it has gone away. I loved it and was so upset that I might have to go back to using Blogger but I was surprised to find it was very user friendly…not like years ago when you couldn't move photos, cut & paste, etc. so if you've used Blogger before, I think you'll be fine using it again. I don't know what happened to WLW.

    1. It's Grenada villa by Ben Moore! Let me know if you hear anything about WLW or a good alternative! I just love how it watermarked and formatted my pics. xo

    2. I think WLW is gone for good….like Ron said it kept rejecting my password. I'm not sure what happened to it, it was just gone one day! I'm happy posting thru Blogger.

  2. Amanda- I was wondering about Live Writer too. I cannot use it! I thought it was just me, and the password I kept entering would not go through. Let me know what you find out. xo

  3. Hahaha! Just wait until Elsa arrives…the struggle with Jacks will be real! At least in my experience….xoxo

  4. I always love to see what you put on your door! Love the new door decor. One of these days I'm going to order from Bronwyn…her things are so cute! I love your description of the best dogs. It's true, dogs inevitably tee tee on the carpet. :)

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