America, America

I can’t think of a more patriotic way to mark America’s birthday and our love for our country than flying the glorious Old Glory.

I keep a tub of flags in all shapes and sizes and reuse them year after year. They only take a few minutes to put out because we leave the mini hooks up year round – we use them for lights and garlands at Christmas.

I realize it sounds cliche, but every time I drive up, I am filled with pride and joy and thankfulness to be an American!

My single new addition this year was the firecracker door hanger from Bronwyn Hanahan art. I needed one more piece so that I could decorate both the garage side door and the front door, and when bestie S told me she was ordering I couldn’t resits adding on to her order.

Y’all, I can hardly believe these ferns are still alive.

It was super overcast this morning when I took my pictures. But, I couldn’t wait for the sun because I knew I’d melt running around in the yard with a camera. We’re having a brutally hot summer down South.

We use the garage door 95% of time, as do our friends and family. I moved the anchor I painted last year to this door and love it here!

I’ve shared our driveway seating quite a few times. It’s a popular spot made even more popular with the addition of Elsa. I’m spending more time than I can stand outside these days :-)

I purchased a new flag for our main flag pole this year. Other than when the Georgia Tech flag goes up at football season, this one flies year round. Hence, it was looking a little ratty.

More flags in pots. It’s pretty much my go-to. And SO easy!

Honey hung the bunting for me this weekend since it requires a ladder. I wish direct TV had come to retrieve their dish when we cancelled their service…

The garden gets dressed up too. We’ve having a pretty good luck with it this year!

I don’t do anything inside, but I DO deck the porch in red, white and blue! We’ve had a July 4th party every year we’ve been here, but decided to skip a year since it feels like we just did Honey’s 40th.

I can do the porch in about ten minutes flat. Recover the pillows, put up the picture, throw on the table runner, pop the attachment on the Happy Everything plate, stick a few flags around, sit back on the porch and admire your handy work.

The free printable and DIY instructions for this canvas are here.

Mother made me the spare set of pillow covers a few years ago. I just slip them on over the regular ones. The flag pillow was from Pottery Barn years ago.

Elsa is the best little accessory I’ve purchased in a LOOOOOONG time. She’s darling! But whew, quite a lot of work. :-)

I still love my Happy Everything plate and put it out for all the holidays. I can’t wait to show y’all my newest attachment.

We absolutely adore this space. Even in the brutal heat we’ve been having, it’s a great spot for morning coffee and evening family time.

I added a few flags to the oyster wreath. It never came down after Christmas, but I think it works.

I cut more hydrangeas from the yard for the porch. They are just wonderful!!!

The runner is from Crate & Barrel years ago. I have the flowers in a Byrd Cookie Co jar from Savannah. The littles were super excited to find such a styled afternoon snack on the porch :-)

I’ve had our flags out for about a week now but with the “newborn” it took me ten times longer than usual to take pictures and write a blog post. Speaking of which… it’s time to go potty.

17 thoughts on “America, America

  1. Where do you suggest for red, white and blue buntings like the ones around your deck and above your front door? Thanks!

  2. Love your patriotic touches every year! And Elsa? Too precious… to look at. I've been down that road too many times! ;-) Glad all is going well so far!

  3. I love the patriotic crispness of decorating for the 4th! Will you please share where you purchased your Bunting? Yours has a nice heavy look to it!

  4. I just spent a bit of time this morning putting out my "fireworks" flags, American flags in the ferns and in the daisy baskets on the front door and back gate. The kitchen table got it's dose of red table cloth with white stars, and the big American flag will go on the pole next week for the entire holiday week! I think the patriotic décor is some of the very prettiest and most meaningful!
    Your decorations are beautiful and I'm in love with your porch!!!
    Have a blessed weekend and a happy week next week!

  5. Hurrah for the red, white and blue Amanda. I am glad to hear that you are still moved by our flag. Patriotism is hard to find these days.

  6. Amanda, I love how you decorated the outside of your home! It looks beautiful with flags everywhere!!! The back porch looks awesome too!

  7. Your house looks so patriotic and beautiful!! I love your new door decor and the buntings around the porch, I am hoping to hang mine this weekend while we get a little break from the heat here in GA :-) Your back porch is just lovely!
    Enjoy the weekend,

  8. There is nothing I like more than buntings on houses. I live in an apartment right now and it kills me that I can't even hang up a flag, much less deck the place out in bunting. Oh well, it's on the future to-do list! Your house always looks so great!

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