Girls (Over)Night Out

Every year my three college besties E, N and C and I try our best to get away for a weekend. But, busy schedules, loads of littles, jobs, volunteer jobs and the likes have turned our getaway into an over night in town the last few years. We are spread out all over the city and don’t see each other nearly enough. So even though we don’t go far, we make the most of our time and always go home refreshed. There’s just something about being with people that have known you for close to forever. This year, E booked us a club level room at the Ritz in Buckhead on points and we ate, talked and toasted our way through the stay.


We could not believe our eyes when we happened upon the gourmet cotton candy bar in the lobby. It’s available on Saturday afternoons, and I know my littles would go bonkers for something like this! (Speaking of the littles, they were SUPER bummed that I was headed to the Ritz without them after our little overnight last Christmas. Stinkers.) We tried things like strawberry dusted with lavender and rhubarb with cinnamon. So fun!!!
C booked us all massages at Natural Body Buckhead. Between the four of us we’ve probably covered every spa this side of the Mason Dixon. And let me just say that we unanimously agreed these were the best massages we’d ever had. And at $80 for the hour, it is a very fair price for Atlanta. Seriously!!! I can’t wait to go back. (Bonus: Mint Julep is in the same shopping center!)
On our return back to the Ritz, we were greeted with the Champagne Cocktail bar. I mean y’all, this day just kept getting better on top of better.

We showered and dressed up for a divine supper at St. Cecilia!!! The interior is lovely, every single thing we ate was amazing, and the cocktails were perfection. I can’t wait to go back with Honey in tow!

We had a yummy dessert of homemade marshmallows, toffee, macaroons and the likes back at the Ritz. It was so nice to kick off our heels, sink into sofas and chairs and wrap up our day with girl talk and sweets. Are you seeing why I said we ate our way through our over night?!

The next morning we lingered over breakfast and coffee and then parted ways around lunch. We’ve been together through thick and thin and know everything there is to know about each other, yet we could still talk for days on end. We start turning 40 on the very first day of 2016 and we’re bound and determined to leave Atlanta behind for a real celebration!!! (Fingers double crossed!)

Love you girls!!!

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10 thoughts on “Girls (Over)Night Out

  1. This sounds like the most divine weekend. I have fond memories of my Dad taking my family to Sunday/holiday brunch at the Ritz Buckhead. Pretty sure it's where I became obsessed with smoked salmon at the age of 5. You are also the third person I know to talk about how amazing St. Cecelia is and I think it's pretty much a necessity to go now! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful stay in town vacation!

  2. Hi Amanda, We had the most fantastic time in Atlanta last weekend! My brother in-law had been planning a surprise 50th Birthday party for my sister since last November! We were all very impressed with the amount of thought and attention to detail he put into it. She thought they were going to meet friends for dinner, so imagine her surprise when he took her up to the 26th floor of The Buckead Club, under the guise of taking a look at the view. Their three handsome sons, two of which had just flown 18 hours from a month long trip to Australia, were there to greet them when the elevator doors opened, along with the boys' girlfriends. We could hear her excitement from the room we were hiding in, which was adjacent to the party room they were about to enter. So they enter this beautifully decorated room and it takes her a moment to realize that all of their friends are there, we could tell she was bursting with joy, and then one by one each of us siblings along with our families came in. The look on her face is something I had been anticipating all those months leading up to the party! I was so relieved that the day was finally here and I would no longer have to worry about slipping and ruining the surprise during phone conversations, emails and texts, I have never been very good at keeping secrets! You could tell that my sweet brother in-law was very proud of himself for pulling it off, he said that getting her entire family to come down from Ohio was the icing AND the cake! OH. MY. WORD! The shopping in Atlanta is amazing!!! I mentioned to my sister Jeanne, how fun would it be to run in to Amanda from Dixie Delight at the mall while we were there. I still think it's crazy that my older sister and I both independently found your blog when there are so many out there! I am getting ready to paint my new home I just recently purchased, and she has suggested that I go with white walls and trim, saying white is a current decorating trend. I just can't do it when there are so many pretty paint colors, and I am going with some of the colors you chose for your home, since you have impeccable taste!

    Sorry for the long comment, but I just wanted to let you know that yours is the first blog I click on out of the few that I read regularly. It is such a feel good place to visit :-)

    I hope you continue to have a fun summer, and best wishes with your new four legged family member!

  3. I am having my 25th wedding anniversary this October. Any suggestions since you are so wonderful at planning events. I live in the Atlanta area and would LOVE any suggestions!!!

  4. Girl time is so important! This post helped me to get of my behind and book some time with the girls I love! Thanks for the push!! It looks like you had a blast!

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