Go Cudas

Summer swim team is in full swing down South!!!  I mean, we’ve actually been at it for three full weeks.  I adore the routine of getting up and out of the house, and the littles love hanging with their friends every day.  I used the same easy peasy system as last year for culling all of those coveted ribbons…

I printed and laminated small tags with their names on them and clipped it all together with a large 2″ Ring Clip (these are GREAT for so many things).  See?  Super simple!

John has moved up to the nine/ten age group this year.  Little fish in a big pond.  Literally!  But he’s been great about letting the older kids inspire him and drive him to be better so it’s working.
The baby has been practicing up with the seven/eight year olds because the timing of that works waaaay better for Mommy :-)  I was thinking he’d be none the wiser, but you really can’t get anything past him.  He doesn’t mind and he totally hangs, even with the practice encompassing all four strokes and going for a full hour rather than 30 minutes!

The littles raked up at their first meet, with John swimming five events and Whit in three.

It just wouldn’t be summer without swim team!  It was one of the reasons we moved to this neighborhood… I have so many fond memories of spending my summers the exact same way!!  Oh, and we can totally check this one off the Summer Bucket List.


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7 thoughts on “Go Cudas

  1. I miss summer swim team so much and wish my boys could participate. Our city doesn't really have neighborhoods. It really is such a great life skill but fun to boot. Loved, loved, loved my days as a Gant Quarters Pirannah!

  2. Oh swim team!!! I have a love/hate relationship with swim team. Love that the kids have a blast while learning a valuable life skill but hate the time commitment. Nonetheless it is only for a short while right!?! Enjoy and swim fast!!!

  3. We are in summer swim team mode as well. My youngest swims on a year round team so we are up to our armpits in ribbons. I've been searching for a cute way to display them in his room. I was considering a shadow box or some type of frame for each year, but I really like the ring clip idea. I'd like to incorporate his photo for each year to go with the ribbons. Great post!

  4. We are brand new to swim team this year, but my girls are loving it. It's taking me a little while to figure it all out, but we are finally getting into our groove. I remembered reading about your method to organize their ribbons last summer so I went back and found that post last week so I could create something similar. It works great, so thanks for the idea!

  5. Thank you for sharing this great idea. Made these tags for my swimmers, only took 2 trips to Kinko's! Would love to hear what you do to say thank you at the end of the season to the coaches and coordinators.

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