Star Wars Weekend + Jedi Mickey’s

After a couple of years of trying to make it work, we finally got to experience Disney’s Star Wars Weekend! This galactic and immersive event happens on weekends from mid-May to mid-June in Hollywood Studios. We spent two days at the event and didn’t even come close to seeing and doing it all!


Since we had a late dinner reservation and five littles in tow, we spent the morning at the pool at Wilderness Lodge, knowing that we’d never make it to park close if we opened it too. We also missed the hottest part of the day in the park so that was nice.

We scheduled our fast passes for the few hours before our dinner. Just as soon as the littles laid eyes on the Darth popcorn buckets, everyone was suspiciously starving.



We caught the Voyage of the Little Mermaid show, which is always a favorite. Ariel is Honey’s favorite princess so there’s that…

We went up against each other at Toy Story Midway Mania. And, per usual, Honey creamed all of us.


We stumbled upon Mr. Gold’s shop in the Streets of America. A nice little nod to Once Upon a Time. Speaking of which, I really need to catch up. I’m a whole season behind now.


The littles picked up limited edition Star Wars Weekend pins and light sabers at Darth Mall. Just outside we had a great interaction with a clone trooper (storm trooper? some other kind of trooper?). Forgive me, I am really bad and knowing which character is which. #boymomfail


There was a great collection of signature cocktails in pop up bars all around the park. They came with coveted light up glow things… my very fave was the Tatooine. YUM!!!


The littles liked to have drove us crazy with these light sabers. They were confiscated for the rest of the trip after this fun crazy night :-)


We hopped on Tower of Terror at dusk. This one never gets old! The baby didn’t fall for our “it’s really called the Tower of Fun” trick this go round and Honey was all too happy to sit out with him.


Next up was the main event for the night – dinner at Jedi Mickey’s Star Wars Dine at Hollywood & Vine. Our reservation was for 8:50pm and we were among the last guests to be seated. First things first… a photo op with Jedi Mickey!!!!


It seemed they are STILL celebrating Honey’s birthday in the world of magic and happiness, so they invited him to have his own personal pic with the main mouse. Lucky duck.

Other than Mickey, the rest of the characters roamed the restaurant. The littles (and adults) absolutely LOVED seeing our faves dressed up as the Star Wars faves. So much fun!! I had read reviews that the characters really just come by quickly and then move on, but that was not our experience at all. I think because the place was emptying out as we were just sitting down, we had GREAT interactions with them. Every single one of them came by our table multiple times during our meal to boot.












As for the food, well it was okay. On par with the last time we ate at Hollywood & Vine, except they gave everything cute Star Wars-y themed names. It’s all you can eat and that is never a bad choice with my boys. I loved the lobster mac and cheese and cupcakes.





At the end of our dinner, we were literally some of the last in the place. We got TONS more time with the characters.

A highlight of the trip for Whit was having a light saber battle with Chip!!!! Chip and Dale are his two fave characters so this was like a dream for him.

Before he knew it, Chip had taken his saber and was battling it out with big brother!

Not to be outdone, Donald got in on the action. I mean, these are the minutes that memories are made of!!!!!!!!!!!!



The dinner is pricey (like all character meals) and you are really paying for the experience, not the amazing culinary feats. Everyone in our party of nine agreed that it was WELL worth it and we all had a lovely time. Not to mention the time we saved in having to wait in line to meet all of these characters. As nervous as I was about our late dinner time, I will say that it turned out great. If your littles can stay out late, do it! We had so much time with the characters and all of the cast members were very nice about letting us play. The only downside…and this was a biggie that I didn’t quite get… they didn’t sign autographs.

If you’re wondering, my top was made by HKL Designs, my eyelet shorts are from Target (girls section this spring), my bows are from Dumbow Shoppe, and you can see how I altered my Minnie ears to swap out the bows here! Also, the boys shirts are from Target and Honey’s shirt is from Old Navy.

We crashed back at Wilderness Lodge around midnight. It was an amazing day!!

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  1. We did the Star Wars weekend a couple weeks ago! We waited 1.5 hours to meet Darth Vader!!! You boys are super handsome and you are too cute:)

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