Ice Cold & Delicious

“Lemonade!!!!  Freeeeeeee lemonade!!!!  It’s ice cold and delicious!!!”Nothing says summer like a good old fashioned front yard lemonade stand.  Especially on what must have been the hottest day of the year!  These two cousins set up shop with lemonade, water and lemonheads and couldn’t wait for the first customer.

Of course, Elsa was in on the action. Our velcro dog.


They had a perfectly shady little nook to cool off in.

And they practiced serving each other before our first visitor.




They ended up refreshing quite a few neighbors and passers-by on this hot summer day!!!  They poured at least twenty cups of lemonade and water, not accounting the twenty they consumed themselves.  The highlight was certainly the group of teens that was on a three mile walk.  Boy did they look hot, and they were certainly grateful for the cool down!




When the going got tough… er, hot… the hot got popsicles.

Even Elsa had her very first ice cream.  I was so excited to find Frosty Paws when we were out buying ice!!!  Needless to say, she LOVED it!


Nearly all of our “friends” insisted on making a donation.  These two decided to contribute the money to dogs without homes.  They made twenty dollars on the nose and I’m going to make it my mission to find a worthy place this week :-)  Oh, and we also got to check another one off the Coolest Summer Ever bucket list!!

I absolutely love these two together.  They are more like brothers than cousins and that’s got to be one of the most special relationships in the world.

PS. I just slipped my Lilly for Target umbrella out of it’s sleeve for the very first time and there’s NO POLE to put it up on, hence why it is on a short stick.  *wahhhhhhhhhhh*

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4 thoughts on “Ice Cold & Delicious

  1. So cute, but oh nooooo abt your missing pole. I thought you left it off on purpose to be more their height! Sadly (& kind of unbelievably), one of my LP umbrellas tipped over in a wind storm & snapped in half…literally part of the metal on the pole tore… I feel your pain… :(

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