Sunday Supper {Blue Apron}

Before Honey left his old job, he went ahead and cashed in on some sort of points that got him three free meals from Blue Apron.  Until this I hadn’t ever heard of the service.  Essentially, you receive original recipes with pre-portioned fresh and seasonal ingredients delivered right to your door!  Just as soon as they arrived he got right to cooking.

The meals he received were to serve two people, but the portions were generous.  He went ahead and cooked two of the three meals the first night because we thought we’d need that much to feed our family of four.  There were plenty of leftovers!
The recipes were very unique and tasty and unlike anything on our regular rotation.  My favorite was the arepas de carne molida.  Yum!

He also made the chicken piccata that first night and it was super yummy.

A couple of days later I tried my hand at the salmon burgers.  I didn’t have a whole lot of luck forming my patties, but they tasted fine.  Much better than I had imagined, in fact.

Even the littles gobbled them up…

I really enjoyed these three meals.  The pricing seems higher than what I would normally spend on three meals to serve two (although these really served more like three), but it was VERY convenient and really good.  I wouldn’t say they were “easy” to prepare.  You would have to enjoy cooking, in my opinion.  But, the trade off is that they are really unique and flavorful meals that I wouldn’t normally make.  This service really would have appealed to me before kids and when we both worked long full time hours (and two full time incomes).  That being said, I’d definitely take a free set of meals again ANY time :-)

Happy Sunday, y’all.  How did that happen so fast?!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Supper {Blue Apron}

  1. That sounds like a good way to use his points! My hubbies place of business has recently done away with our little perks( Boo Hoo). I smiled at your salmon burgers. When we were a young family I often made tuna burgers to stretch our grocery money!!:) The other day Hubs asked if I might make them for old time's sake.

  2. Blue Apron is great! There is just the two of us and it cuts out the planning and shopping. I especially like how everything is measured out. We have actually tried some things we would never have tried befor. I don't know how it would be for a family but perfect for two.
    DiAnne in NC

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