The Big Yellow Bus

Y’all, as difficult as this is to come to terms with, I have put my big yellow bus door hanger back out front.  *gulp*


I suppose if summer must end, a cheery door hanger is a must.  This is one of my Bronwyn Hanahan Art favorites.  Of course, I’d be lying if I said I ever met one I didn’t love.  Speaking of which, I’m currently kind of coveting her darling apple for the garage entry door.  (I think I said the same thing last year.  Which tells me I reallllly want it if I’m still thinking about it a year later.)


The pups got dolled up with yellow and red ribbons.  My real pup won’t sit still long enough for ribbons and bows.  And, my boys would probably slay me seeing as the pink collar was a battle in and of itself.  I’m not sure if I ever mentioned our fair compromise… she got a pink collar, but if you look closely you will see it is Star Wars themed.  Win-win in my book!


You can see the whole door hanger shebang here.

With that, I’ve got to go feed my bottomless nine-year-old pit.  I mean, this child is due to eat me out of house and home any day now.  Every time I turn around he’s scrounging in the kitchen for food.


Bronwyn Hanahan Art

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5 thoughts on “The Big Yellow Bus

  1. I love the school bus (but NOT that it’s time for back to school)!

    Ifeel your pain with keeping bellies full. At ages 10 & 12, it’s a full time job! xo

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