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Tonight is the season opener for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets and I got my door decor changed out just in the nick of time!  (Heeeeeyyyyy, Elsa girl!  I taught her to sit and stay!!!)

DSC_0028 copy

I swapped out the school bus that marks each new school year for our Georgia Tech football.  These, and nearly all of the rest of my door collection, are from the fabulous Bronwyn Hanahan Art.

DSC_0014 copy

I risked life and limb trying to dig into my bin of GT things for two pom poms, with this particular one being at the bottom of a stack of four.  And when I finally got my arm wedged down inside, there were only black and yellow pom poms to be found.  There must have been a confused person in charge at the time when all of those were produced, because all yellow jackets know the real school colors are white and gold.  Navy is thrown in as an accent on things like football uniforms.  Luckily bestie M’s husband M works for Georgia Tech and was able to get me the two I needed to doll up the dogs.

DSC_0015 copy

They’re just as proud as a peacock in all of their ribbons and bows and poms.

DSC_0016 copy

Honey and I have finagled a way to make it to the season opener, but between lacrosse and baseball it wasn’t easy.  Few things are schedule wise in the fall.  Regardless, we can’t wait to cheer on Tech tonight!

Go Jackets!


Bronwyn Hanahan Art

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9 thoughts on “Kick Off

  1. White and Gold for the win! I’m so excited about the opener tonight and for a good, clean season. Go Tech! My sweet hun buns picked up a great GT polo at Costco even though he’s Boston College alumni. Said it was buried under the UGA…stuff. Hmph.

  2. It is with a little tear in my eye that I wish Tech good luck tonight! The ‘Noles had this Thursday opener for a few years and now we’re back to rebuilding, I guess…sigh! I love the addition of the poms with the ribbons! I am definitely copying that (with garnet and gold, obviously) and your door hanger is just precious! Not as precious as little Elsa, though! Good doggie!

  3. This post was such perfect time as I was planning to contact you in regards to GT. My daughter and I am heading south next month to do a few college tours, with GT being our first stop. We are touring the college and the Margaret Mitchell house on Friday and going to a game on Saturday, with a stop at The Varsity in there at sometime. I love the reviews that you do of Savannah shops and restaurants and wanted to do a few suggestions for our trip to Atlanta? We would love to know where to get yummy southern food, fried chicken, great shops and anything else we should should do. I’m really trying to wow her with Atlanta as Tech is where I’m hoping she’ll go!

  4. I really should write more about Atlanta. You will be close to jct kitchen for yummy fried chicken. I also love taqueria del sol in the same shopping center. The sky view is fun to see the city from. If she likes shopping hit up Lenox and Phipps. I was wowed by all the boys at GT so there’s also that :-)

    1. I would give one heads up about shopping at the malls in Atlanta as we just visited in the spring. Correct me if I’m wrong Amanda but the malls close surprisingly early for such a big city. I think Lenox Square closed at 8 p.m. and no mall was open past 9 p.m. even on a Friday night! We ended up a Target after getting a late start on the malls!!

  5. Love all your Tech touches Amanda! Hubby enjoyed watching the game the other night on the computer. Maybe one day we will be in town and he can take the boys.

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