Elsa Tails {Introducing Anna}

Y’all love our Elsa so much that I can hardly wait to introduce you to her sister, Anna…
DSC_0124 copy2

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!  I know y’all didn’t really think I could handle another puppy.   But Dropped Dead Fred?  Yes, he def needed a companion dog.


Last year the littles asked me if they could start picking one thing to add to our Halloween decor each year.  I mean, YES please.  They had their hearts set on a skeleton dog that they saw in a catalog, but I told them we needed to wait until after the holiday to score it on sale.  Well, they were sold out after Halloween so sadly it didn’t happen.  Remembering that, I happened to pop on Grandin Road last week was so thrilled to find “Anna” on sale for $22.  I signed up with my email address to get free shipping and our newest puppy was on her spooky way.


I didn’t tell them that I had found one, but put her out on the porch while they were at school.  They were SO excited!!  Elsa isn’t sure what to think of her sister.

DSC_0130 copy

They are hoping for a fog machine as our next addition.  I definitely think I can score one of those the day after Halloween!



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14 thoughts on “Elsa Tails {Introducing Anna}

  1. Hahaha, now THAT’S the kind of dog I need! Perfect addition (and what a steal at only $22)! xo

  2. If her jaw opens place a ball or bone or toy in her mouth. I have a couple…Costco is/was a source for them too….online maybe?

  3. For your Canadian readers, just saw them at Costco for $9.99, jaw opens, eyes have red lights on a timer! Love your blog Amanda.

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