A Merry Little Christmas Party {40×41}

For years I have wanted to have a Christmas party.  But between Thanksgiving, Christmas, two birthdays, class parties, sports and everything else that comes along this most magical time of the year, I never do.  So it went on my bucket list and we did it! It was a such a lovely evening spent catching up with so many dear friends and family.  What started out as a merry “little” party ended up quite large, with sixty in attendance!!  Honey grew up here, we both went to college here, and we have so many friends and neighbors made along the way of our 13 year marriage.  It just kept growing and growing and I am so glad it did :-)

IMG_5218 copy

The house looked so lovely all lit up with lights and wreaths and ribbons.  We lined our sidewalk with candles in mason jars for a little extra cheer.


Mother and Daddy-O literally saved the night, tirelessly helping prepare everything the night before and day of.  We carried the chairs out to the garage and set up all of the food in the dining room.  We served ham on silver dollar rolls with assorted mustards, twice baked potato casseroles, cocktail meatballs, cheese crackers, fruit veggies, petit fours, and a few other sweets.




Beverages were all in the kitchen… punch, wine, liquor, coffee and hot chocolate.  Buckets of beer, water and soft drinks were on the porch.





This set up left the breakfast area, den, living room, porch and even office open for people to mix and mingle.


I still need to share my “after the rose” update on the one room challenge powder room.  It got touches of cheery red for the party.


We had more fun that we have in a LONG time, welcoming so many loved ones into our home.  My ONE regret is that I don’t have a single picture taken during the party.  Mother did take just this one of Honey and I.



We are already thinking we’ll do it again next year – with TONS of pictures to make up for this year.  And to think it took a bucket list to finally make it happen!!

Merry Christmas, y’all!

40×41 Bucket List
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9 thoughts on “A Merry Little Christmas Party {40×41}

  1. Don’t think we didn’t notice the little stoles on your reindeer! ;0)
    They have your mother’s name written all over them! Fantastic!

  2. Everything looks beautiful! Do you have a link for the cups with your monogram and the containers holding the lemons and limes?

  3. We hosted a holiday party annually for the first decade of our marriage. I LOVED every minute of it–the decorating, the planning, the cooking, and even staying up late with my husband cleaning up and munching on all the food we hadn’t had a chance to try whilst entertaining. Like your party, it grew to a pretty large group over time. At some point our guests list grew to 80 people and it just got to be too much. We skipped it the last two years….. your party has me green with envy. I may just have to bring my soiree back next year! I’m just mad for your plaid–so well done!

  4. Everything looks just gorgeous! We host a big party every year – ours is coming up Saturday (the 19th) and it is truly one of my favorite days each year! So happy you finally made it happen! xo

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