Deck the Halls 2015 {Exterior + Foyer}

I absolutely adore driving up to our home during the holidays and being greeted with Christmas cheer!  We’ve hung wreaths from all of the windows of our home since our first Christmas together and there’s really just nothing like it!

DSC_0368 copy

I had to share this out-take.  While Miss Elsa-belsa wanted nothing to do with posing sweetly for my photos, she definitely stayed under foot.

DSC_0371 copy

I reuse the same wreaths each year and just update the ribbons when they fade every few years.  Honey uses large suction cups to attach them to the windows.

DSC_0350 copy copy

I mix strings of small and large bulbs around the door, which really makes it show up from the street!

DSC_0362 copy copy

All of the monograms on my door wreaths are from Scrappin Plus.  I ordere them in white so that I didn’t even have to paint them.  Note the ferns are still kicking.  We did have a couple of evenings that frosted last week but I guess they weren’t hit as badly since they are covered and right up next to the house.  Yay!


I replaced my garlands over the front porch and side door with prelit strands from Costco.  They are really lush with mixed greenery and pine cones and are just SO easy!!

DSC_0363 copy

All of the exterior doors get a wreath with a monogram and big red ribbon!

DSC_0366 copy


DSC_0329 copy

DSC_0332 copy

Now, y’all come on in!!  I also go with the traditional red and green inside and carry it through each room of the house.

DSC_0112 copy

We usually visit Santa early in the season and I swap out the frame in the foyer with the current year’s pic.

DSC_0113 copy

If I only had to pick one place in the house to decorate for holidays it would be a toss up between the foyer and family room.  I just love having such a festive entry!

DSC_0115 copy

I tie the garland on to the banister with a thin sheer ribbon.  It’s easy to get up and doesn’t ruin the wood hand rail.

DSC_0116 copy

I can’t wait to share the rest of the tour with y’all over the next week.  Falalalalalalalala….

delightful christmas copy

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11 thoughts on “Deck the Halls 2015 {Exterior + Foyer}

  1. I still adore your monogrammed wreaths! The outside is the one spot I fail at Christmas decorations – I have grand plans but just never seem to pull it off.

    Your is gorgeous, as always! Happy Wednesday! xo

  2. Oh that Elsa! Dogs definitely add humor to our lives, don’t they? I love your decor and am impressed with how well the wreaths stay on with suction cups. We leave our screens up over the winter so adding wreaths would be a huge project. Do most people remove screens?…I never thought about that… Anyway, beautiful job as always and I look forward to seeing more!

  3. Beautiiful home and fantastic monogram wreaths. I am ordering mine right now! What size did you use and recommend? 10″, 12″, or 14″? Merry Christmas!

  4. It looks beautiful as always! Where did you get the garland for your stairs? I’m assuming it came with the pinecones! I love how full it is … and have had trouble finding something I love.


    1. It is two strands layered together to be so thick! I use one basic strand from michael’s and then have a nice strand with the pinecones on top. That one was from Hobby Lobby a few years back.

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