Deck the Halls 2015 {Den + Kitchen}

We spend most of our days in the den and kitchen and I pull out all the stops to make these two rooms and fun and festive as possible!!

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The tree in our family room holds all of our favorite ornaments.  Anything goes here!  From little snowmen crafted by tiny hands to ornaments carried home from special vacations, this tree is loaded with memories.  It is always a joy to unbox them at the start of each Christmas season!

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I finally have Elsa’s stocking added but had already taken my pictures.  The stockings are from Ballard Designs and the wood monograms are from Scrappin Plus.

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I pull out red pillows and blankets from decor of yore each Christmas :-)  I no longer have these colors in the room year round, but I think they layer in perfectly.

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Each year I swap out the picture in one frame with the current year’s Santa photo.  After ten years, there are only a few left unturned :-).  I keep them in the frame year round, just move them to the back at the end of the season.  That way I always know where they are.

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I scatter Christmas books and magazines around the room for guests.

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Everyone in our family loves puzzles, so I used the little banquette nook to set one up!  I loved seeing the family roate through, putting pieces in place here and there.  I think everyone had a hand in it!  This one was complete by Black Friday.

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Moving on to the kitchen, it’s more red and green.

DSC_0075 copy

I swap out off of our Blue Willow with the quintessential Spode Christmas Tree china!  This was on our wedding registry and we started out with all the basics.  Each year, Mother and Daddy-O usually add a few specialty pieces to our collection.

DSC_0068 copy

DSC_0066 copy

DSC_0071 copy

In addition to the china, I have collected Spode ornaments for years to go on a little kitchen tree.

DSC_0073 copy

I picked up these “Happy Tappers” from the Hallmark store years ago.  They are SO cute and I always check to be sure they haven’t brought them back.

DSC_0067 copy

I always like to have snacks on hand.  Like last year, I set up naughty and nice jars in the kitchen.  So, if you’re feeling a bit naughty, grab an Oreo.  But if you’re needing a nice treat, go for the clementine :-)

DSC_0055 copy

I moved our hot chocolate bar inside this year and set up an entire beverage station!  There are tons of toppings and mix ins for coffee, hot chocolate, cider and tea.  The minutes I took my pictures it was like starving wolves had been released in my kitchen.  I foresee many necessary refills this holiday season.

DSC_0077 copy
I also set out bows of mints and nuts in both the den and kitchen during the holiday season.  The challenge this year has been keeping Elsa out of them :-)

DSC_0080 copy

Moving over to the breakfast room part of the kitchen, I have hung my usual greenery from the chandelier and sconces.

DSC_0063 copy

DSC_0050 copy

I like to keep the centerpiece on the kitchen table simple and portable.  We use this table for dining, games and more all season so being able to move the runner and large platter easily out of the way is a must.

DSC_0052 copy

DSC_0054 copy

Last but not least, Elsa got festive tartan bowls for the season.  She’s rotten :-)

DSC_0135 copy

I so enjoy sharing our home for the holidays.  Next up is the living room and dining room!

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14 thoughts on “Deck the Halls 2015 {Den + Kitchen}

  1. I just adore your den & kitchen decor! Our family room tree is the same – filled with memories & I love it!

    I straight copied your Naughty and Nice jars, only my Naughty is filled with Reese’s Christmas trees. My oldest chooses fruit every time. But the baby & I…

    Thanks for sharing! xo

  2. You have such a gift for decorating! I am in awe of how beautiful everything looks.
    May I ask where you store all your decorations?
    Merry Christmas

    1. Of course! All trees, wreaths, ribbons and garlands are in black trash bags and go in the attic. It’s a huge walk in space! The ornaments go in plastic storage bins in the basement storage room (small space so this fills it up). The christmas China is all stores in the cabinet over my oven because it’s not really practical for anything else.

  3. Your home is gorgeous and your new touches are darling. I can’t wait until tomorrow to hear about your dining room place card banners ( and still can’t figure out when you sleep!) I also use a tray for portable vignettes and it is the perfect solution. Your term, “decor of yore”, is a keeper! You make a lovely, warm home, Amanda.

  4. This is all so lovely! Is the lantern on your coffee table from Gump’s? They have one that looks similar, and I have had my eye on it.

    1. Yes, they do! This one was picked up on clearance at a small shop in Savannah years ago. I get a lot of compliments on it – was a great find!

  5. Sigh, I want to come live at your house! Everything looks so cozy and wonderful. I don’t think I had seen the nook to the left your tree before. I love it!

    May I ask how you affix those feathers to the top of your tree? I

    1. I just stick them in! Nothing special. Takes 2 minutes :-). First I do the bow so some kind of stick in that.

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