Atlanta Ballet’s The Nutcracker {40×41}

It’s been too many years since I’ve seen Atlanta Ballet’s The Nutcracker.  Mother and Daddy-O took me for the first time in college, and it’s been at least fifteen years since seeing the quintessential holiday ballet performed by Atlanta Ballet at the historic Fox Theater so it went on my 40×41 bucket list and was checked off this weekend.  (Although we’ve decided this must become an annual tradition for our family full of ballerinas!)


There might not be a more magical venue than Atlanta’s Fox Theater.  It is always such a treat to attend a show here.





I snapped this picture of the absolutely stunning scenery.  Every single part of the show was magical and perfect.  The ballerinas, the symphony, the choir, the sets, the costumes, the snow… even the entertaining touches added by director John McFall that kept the age old show fresh and new.


Just one more pic from the final bow.  We sat right in front on the balcony – amazing seats with a  perfect view!


CeeCee is not yet three, but already adores ballet.  She sat as quiet as a mouse through the ENTIRE show.  Her eyes were just wide with delight the entire time.  Mother and I gave her the precious Nutcracker dolls to remember her first show by.


Afterwards we met up with the guys for a divine dinner at Houston’s.  Another Atlanta fave.


It was really just the best day spent with Sister, Mother and little CeeCee.  I can’t wait to see her on stage on day.


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9 thoughts on “Atlanta Ballet’s The Nutcracker {40×41}

  1. My best friend and I just saw The Nutcracker on Saturday for the very first time. It was on my (yikes) “By 60” list. My mother and I enjoyed many, many theater adventures but this ballet never seemed to happen for us. So, in honor of her first Heavenly Birthday, I went and it was, indeed, magical. When we were leaving, we saw a little girl who reminded us of my friend’s daughter, dressed in her Christmas finery. Her daughter and I are as close as can be and she is now 22 and living miles away. It seemed liked only yesterday that she was that young and we were seeing Grease in the same theater. It capped off a special night and will be a new yearly tradition for us, as well. All four of you looked beautiful, Amanda. Cherish these days and don’t blink.

  2. My girls adore The Nutcracker, too! My 4 year old is wearing the same dress as CeeCee tomorrow night to her program. Love Eleanor Rose!

  3. When my daughter was little, we went every year. I think she was about 4 the first time she saw it. She was so tired when we left the Fox that night and didn’t want it to end. She kept telling me on our walk to the car that she wanted to be a fairy. I told her that she could be a fairy when she got bigger. And she told me that she wanted to be fairy now! She has danced all her life and continues as a dance teacher while in college.

  4. Oh, how I love The Fox. I saw The King and I there when I was little and love hearing my mom tell of the night she and my dad spent there in the 1970s when they were volunteering with a group trying to “Save The Fox”…so thankful it IS still around all these years later! Taking my girls there this weekend! :)

  5. We love coming from Birmingham to take our girls to shows at the Fox! I bet the Nutcracker (with the symphony!!!) is just wonderful! We grew up going to the Nutcracker in my hometown (Jackson, MS) every year, so I couldn’t wait to start taking my girls. The music alone brings back such wonderful childhood memories. And now my 6 year was just in the nutcracker for the second year! I can hardly make it through the performance without constant tears. :)

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