Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2015

There’s just nothing like Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party to fill your heart with holiday cheer!!  It’s one of our very favorite must-dos at Disney (along with the Not So Scary Halloween Party).  The part officially runs from 7pm-midnight, but the ticket gets you in as early as 4pm.  We were there on the dot!


To someone that thinks the Magic Kingdom is the most magical place ever on an ordinary day, the Christmas season is just breathtaking.

DSC02874 copy

I’ll try to go through our “run of show” timeline that we use for both the Halloween and Christmas parties.  Since you can enter the park at 4, we schedule three key fast passes between 4 and 7 o’clock.  First up was Mine Train…  the baby wasn’t originally going to come with us so we only had three fast passes and never could pick up a fourth.  Honey made the requisite Starbucks run while the three of us rode.


Next up was Space Mountain.  We had fast passes for all four of us but at the last minute Honey and the baby bolted for their favorite ride of all – the Peoplemover.  LOL.  So they gave us their magic bands and John and I rode twice in a row!





And our last fast pass was Big Thunder Mountain…



At this point we just kind of wandered around checking out decorations and shops and finally picked up birthday buttons for both of the boys.



Right around seven o’clock we made our way to Main Street to scope out seats for the castle lighting and parade.  I think this is the ONLY place to sit for the Christmas parade in particular.  All of the holiday lights and castle dripping in ice and snow gently falling and Christmas carols playing – it just can’t be beat.  Since we had an hour to wait before the shows started, Honey brought us a huge tray of hot dogs and fries from Casey’s and we took turns running for treats from the “free” hot chocolate and cookie stations.  There are street entertainers and people to watch and of course iPhones to pass the time so this plan works for us.



PhotoPass_Visiting_Mickeys_Very_Merry_Christmas_Party_7541145155 DSC02887

We had decent seats for the Frozen Holiday Wish castle lighting, which is just so stunning this year with the new turrets.


And then we were so excited for what just might be the best parade ever to roll!!!!  We like to see the first parade (8:15) because it is a good break for us after being in the park already for four hours and then still having nearly 4 hours to go.  I know many prefer the late parade as it is less crowded.






Cinderella in her glass carriage with all of the white ponies is my very favorite part…




Oh my gosh, but the toy soldiers are really hard to beat too…


…and all of Santa’s most adorable reindeer.


It’s really just the best!!!!!!!!!


After the parade, we relocate to one of the green spaces.  These are fantastic viewing spots for Holiday Wishes (9:30) and there is usually plenty of space to spread out and even lie down and star gaze before hand.





So after all of this, we have a good solid TWO hours to pretty much walk on to our choice of rides (with the exception of Mine Train and characters)!!!  We love this plan because a ton of people leave after the fireworks and most of those left are sticking around for the second parade.  We have time to do every single ride we want in these two hours!!

Jingle Cruise is a fun holiday spin on the regular Jungle Cruise…


We did two tours on the carpets without ever getting off the ride…


We hit Splash Mountain and Haunted Mansion…


We headed over to Fantasyland and Storybook Circus for Small World, Dumbo and Barnstormer…



We did a tour on the Tomorrowland Speedway (where once again my belly hurt from laughing so hard at the baby’s terrible driving)…



We had some friendly family competition on Buzz Lightyear…


And we finally got the whole crew on Space Mountain!



It was a wonderfully magical night and I’ve already got my fingers crossed that we can go back in 2016!!!!



Last but not least, a little gopro highlight reel of our day…

Merry Christmas, y’all!!!

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7 thoughts on “Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2015

  1. My heart was broken a little this year over the fact I did not get to go to WDW at Christmastime. My real mission was to see the Osborne Lights 1 more time, but the husband did promise a Christmas trip next year so I will just see whatever is new instead. Have you heard anything on the lights being repurposed? I have heard rumors about them being moved to Epcot which would be amazing, but who knows. I am loving your videos!

  2. I love it!! And I am LOVING the GoPro videos!! It really shows how much fun y’all are having. This is great for me since it will be quite awhile before my Honey and I can take our littles to the Most Magical Place on Earth. My littles are 4 and 1 (20mnths). So, till then, I will keep living vicariously through y’all!! Thanks gal!!

  3. I love your photos and your video! We took our boys to Disney for the first time the first of December and I miss it so much! We had the best time. My honey and I are dying to go to MVMCP but our youngest is still too young (1.5 yrs) to make it through, although he stayed awake for a 10pm Wishes and loved it. I just reminded my honey that I would love a GoPro for Christmas. I have a January birthday so we’ll see what happens. Lol

  4. Love your videos!!

    Would you do a post on how to use the GoPro in theme parks and how you make a video. I’m completely clueless but dying to do this for my own littles.

    Also, would love a post on what you pack in your theme park day bag-since you visit so frequently.

  5. It’s genius how Honey has the backpack on space mountain, I’m guessing strapped on the lap bar. I always wrap my cross body bag strap around my leg which can make getting on an off rides slow. I’m going to remember this for my next trip :)

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