Geode Box {DIY}

At long, long last I am going to bring y’all up to speed on my powder room.  Remember this?

DSC_0101 copy

The crux of the matter is that I finished it in the One Room Challenge 6-week time frame.  And I despised it.  Like, hated it more than any room I’ve ever done.  Never again, friends.  (More to come on what I think went wrong…)  So, that has all been remedied but I have not yet taken pictures of it.  In the mean time, I’ve got three EASY DIY projects to share, the first being my geode box!

Here’s how the shelf looked in November.  Pink, turquoise, gold, white.  Good in theory, or in someone else’s home, but I just couldn’t love it.  Don’t get me wrong, I love each element, and all have been relocated to my office, but they just didn’t work for me in here.

DSC_0096 copy

And here’s a little peek at where we are today on the shelf.  New art of Savannah’s Wormsloe Plantation, new candle, new matches in a new little turtle holder (thanks bestie P) and the same geode box.

DSC_0256 copy

It’s easy and fairy inexpensive to DIY the geode box.  Here’s what you’ll need:

1 box – this is from Container Store and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes

Museum Putty – I use this for all sorts of things (keeping pics straight on walls, securing breakables in the littles’ rooms) and you can also find it at Container Store

A Geode – I found mine on etsy

Gold leaf liquid and paint brush


1. Use the museum putty to adhere the geode to the box.  The good news?  This isn’t permanent if you change your mind later.  I used a few pieces to kind of create a level base that was also molded to the bottom of the geode.  You want it to look natural.


2. Use liquid gold leaf to paint around the outside edges of the putty and geode.  Let dry.

3. Press it firmly onto the box to adhere.

And that’s it!  Easy peasy!!

DSC_0254 copy

I love the look of it and how it gives just a touch of sparkle in the powder room!  This box is just big enough to stash a spare roll of t.p. as well :-)

I’ll be back soon with the other DIYs and will try to get on taking pictures of the new look ASAP.  There is no natural light in there so it requires all sorts of backbends, external lighting and contortions all in a room the size of a postage stamp.


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33 thoughts on “Geode Box {DIY}

  1. Looking forward to seeing the updates. Personally, I love the wallpaper but never felt like the art and accessories were right. I’m interested to see what you changed.

  2. Between you and your mother, your talents and classic senses of style will make the room look like you again. It’s understandable to get caught up in trends, and the paper is amazing, but sometimes it takes awhile to figure out how to use them (or not) when they are a departure from our usual ways. Just trust your instincts…and good ole Mom! :-) Maybe the electrical shock was an omen! You are so very talented, Amanda and will find your way to another Dixie Delight that has YOUR name written all over it!

    1. One thing I am not us trendy – I know that but guess I forgot. I’m good with not being trendy, by the way :-)

  3. P.S. Thank you for the DIY! The gold paint and putty idea is wonderful and a great way to attach special mementoes to boxes. I LOVE this!!!

  4. Where did you find the beautiful Savannah art? I have been looking for some similar pictures for our music room. I would love a print of the marsh or the cathedral- just can’t seem to find one in the right shades for blue/green for the room!

  5. Love the box! Thanks for sharing about the putty and gold leaf. The bath does not look like you at all ~ the wallpaper is overwhelming to me. I don’t like to say anything negative, however, you are so talented and this just doesn’t look like your creativity.


    1. Thank you! The wallpaper is one of the things I actually love :-) I appreciate your honesty and always being so kind!!

  6. I have been through the same thing with my house! It could just be that the wallpaper is too busy. Sometimes it is better to go all the way to correct a problem (i.e. remove wallpaper and start over) than to try to do a quick fix. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You will know when you finally get it right!

    1. The wallpaper before was busier and I actually love this one. It’s the accessories I hated and that’s easy to fix :-)

  7. I like the wallpaper – if it is too overwhelming for the space, you could always put up wainscotting and paint the lower half white. Don’t you love all of this advice from people you don’t know?? I’m sure it looks great. Perhaps the accessories were too trendy for your usual style?

  8. I hope it is okay to say this but the large watercolor is too jarring with the wallpaper. The wallpaper is so dominant (I have Thibaut toile wallpaper too) that it need very little else. And what you do add needs to complement the colors in the wallpaper or else it “fights” with each other.

    You have fabulous style and I’m positive you’ll get it right for you! If you haven’t already! ?

  9. I love the wallpaper, and suspect it looks even more smashing in person. I like the chandelier as well (it reminded me of your mom’s bracelets), but thought it might not provide enough light, or might throw odd shadows. The plate is cute, but having a food plate (this is for oysters, right?) on display in the bathroom seems weird to me (sorry). If it were a purely decorative plate, I would feel differently.
    Your home is divine! Yet you always keep your priorities in perspective and live and love abundantly. Thanks for sharing your disappointment with a decorating decision, and modeling how to move on! I originally found your blog when researching a decorating decision of my own, but have kept reading because you are such an inspiring person.

    1. The light ended up being brighter than what we had before! The shadows ARE odd on camera but are pretty in person. I’m laughing at the plate :-) It might stay or it might go. I don’t have any strong feelings for it either way. And thank you, this room is such a blip on the radar of life. I didn’t like it before but really, it’s a small half bathroom that might get visited by a fraction of our guests. In the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter at all and hasn’t taken up this much of my daily thoughts in ages. I’m loving all of the different opinions on what is good, what is bad, what should stay, what should go. If I learned anything at all the first go round, it’s that I will keep/change/lose what I like this time :-)

  10. I love the wallpaper in that room. It is a classic design, but freshly interpreted. The large scale actually makes the small room seem larger. And the white in it really brightens up the room that has no windows or natural light in it. I do agree that the pink touches just don’t look right somehow. Love, Marme

  11. I like the wallpaper, maybe a little too large scale for the tiny room. The countertop of the sink is throwing it off for me colorwise, but that is a bigger project. I am not crazy about the shelf either… Perhaps something bamboo?????
    I agree that you need to stay TRUE to your style and do not become too affected by others styles. You have a great traditional style. I love it.

    Miss ya, friend. xo

    1. Oh, that wallpaper is staying :-) Mother, Sister and I have all been thrown off by the counter, but it actually works in person. Of course, I’d much prefer to change it out. But then I’d need new floor. And so on. And I have a desperately ugly bathroom upstairs that I need to spend that sort of $$ on. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  12. Totally agree with Marme’s remarks re: the wallpaper. LOVE it! That is what I would want to focus on – too many other elements competing for attention. I would love to see a Carrara marble vanity top replace the current brown one in the future. I know a bit spendy – but would contribute to a more classic look. A simple white rug (I know kids…dogs…) and perhaps a floating glass shelf instead of the current white one. While I like the white shelf – just seems to have more of a “farmhouse” feel. Love your blog. You have exquisite taste – I know you’ll make this room “yours” as well.

    1. Yes, I’d love a new counter… maybe one day :-) Of course a new counter would lead to a new floor and so forth and so on.

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