Hello, February

February got off to a magnificent start!  It was such a lovely day here in the South.  I had the porch doors open and a whole gaggle of neighborhood littles played in the yard from the moment they got off the bus straight through to supper.  It’s amazing what a day like this can do for the soul.  I’ve had my most favorite Bronwyn Hanahan Be Mine door hanger out for a couple of weeks, but took advantage of the day to get some pictures!

DSC_0012 copy

My beloved ferns bit the dust during the “snow storm.”  Alas, they lived a good life.  I was motivated by the weather to get some pansies planted in their place.  They are looking rather sad. I’m thinking I need to add “pansy booster” to my shopping list tomorrow.  Mother swears by that stuff.  Of course, everything in her garden is lovely.  A gene I did not inherit.

DSC_0018 copy

I store all of my door hangers on hangers in the attic and keep the dogs’ ribbons there as well.  Keeps everything nice and makes them easy to reuse year after year.

DSC_0010 copy

Valentine’s Day just might be a favorite holiday for the red and pink color combo alone.  I mean, it can be such a bright and happy little occasion.  On the flip side, now that it’s Feb 1 Honey wants to have a “meeting” with me to talk taxes this week.  oy.

Happy Feb, y’all! Let’s all cross our fingers and hope the whole groundhog situation turns out in favor of an early spring tomorrow.  M-kay?  Thanks!


Bronwyn Hanahan Art

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7 thoughts on “Hello, February

  1. It was a gorgeous day here in sunny Florida, also! Love the door hanger and your attic idea! I’m totally doing that! Have a great day :-) !

  2. So lovely…envious of the snow free yard. I’m sitting at my computer watching our twin city Minnesota town get dumped on today. 20 years ago today it was -60 in northern Minnesota. Enjoy your sunshine:)

  3. The front looks great! My ferns bit the dust, too, during all those freezing nights (and us being in DISNEY during the snow). I finally took them off my front porch this morning much, I’m sure, to my green thumb neighbors’ delight. I kept thinking I could get them back… I still wonder if there’s a chance. Hmmm.

  4. Love this post! Your front entry looks so happy!! Would you consider posting pictures of how you store your decorations? I’m a huge fan of Bronwyns!!

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