Mardi Gras {Jambalaya + King Cake}

Every year on Fat Tuesday we enjoy a festive family supper of jambalaya and king cake.  Fun family dinners are my jam and I love any old excuse to pull one off.

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I use the same table decorations each year, storing them with my Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day stuff.  I didn’t get started on my jambalaya until way too late in the afternoon.  I wish I could blame it on mounds of homework or household chores.  But really, it was snowing on and off all day and I just couldn’t get motivated to do anything useful.  As such, I forgot to cook the chicken so we just went with ham and sausage this year.  It was still delish!!  Find the recipe >>> HERE <<<

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Given my late start on the main course, it’s a good thing I picked up a king cake at the grocery store.  One of these years I want to order a real one from NOLA.  MMMMM….  bestie B’s mom sent us one every year to the ZTA house in college.  Publix can’t really hold a candle to the real deal.

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Some of my other fave Mardi Gras recipes are the King Krispie cake and Throw Me Somethin Mister cocktail.

I’ve loved following along with bestie R on all of his Mardi Gras adventures and amazing decorations.  He does it right.  And I miss him SO much!


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5 thoughts on “Mardi Gras {Jambalaya + King Cake}

  1. I’ve been ordering one from Haydel’s Bakery for the last few years! They overnight them and I have it arrive on Fat Tuesday. We didn’t have a festive meal like yours but did at least enjoy our King Cake and my daughter was overjoyed she got the baby! What a fun celebration! Laissez les bons temps rouler!!

    1. Mother made them years ago :-) She made them as dish towels, but the size comes in quite handy with littles and jambalaya!

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