Wanderlust: Around Oahu {Waikiki}

When I was researching things to do in Oahu, I read a lot of mixed reviews on Waikiki.  But, it just didn’t seem right to go all that way and not form our own opinion, so we headed out one afternoon!!  And we were so glad we did!!


The beach was really quite lovely and so colorful.  I’ve never been to a beach in a city.  And I’ve definitely not been to a beach with a crater in the background.  It was a neat mix, really unique!


We walked most of the way down the beach and the littles played in the water a bit.  We really wanted to do an outrigger canoe ride, but the water was so calm and still that only the teeniest waves were coming in.


With the calm seas, there weren’t any surfers out.  Everyone was nice and friendly and, again, Waikiki was just a colorful, happy place.


We made the requisite visit to Duke Kananomoku’s statue.  It was interesting to learn that Duke was a true Hawaiian hero and one of the world’s greatest watermen, a master of swimming, surfing and outrigger canoe paddling.  He spread the spirit of aloha and his love of surfing around the world!

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Leaving your lei at Duke’s statue is a mark of reverence to this greatly loved Hawaiian, and is fabled to ensure your future return to the beautiful islands of Hawaii.


Sufficiently hungry from our morning, we wee more than ready for lunch at Duke’s!  (Yes, the same guy!)


We had a lovely patio seat overlooking the water.



Honey and John went for the lunch buffet, Whit had a burger (that child…) and I had the fish tacos.  Everyone loved their food.  It was really, really good!


I had to try the famous Duke’s mai tai.  (You know, the whole when in rome thing…)  It did not disappoint.  One thing that is rarely well done on the mainland is a mai tai :-)


We ended our lunch with my favorite dessert of the whole sixteen day trip… Hula Pie.  I really want to try to recreate this at home!!  It is essentially a giant bowl of vanilla ice cream flipped upside down and cut into wedges.  It’s then doused with chocolate syrup and whipped cream, and covered in nice, delicious, generous chunks of macadamia nuts.  Y’all… it was goooooood.


After lunch we shopped around town a bit.  We were totally stuffed but somehow made room for samples at Honolulu Cookie Company.  (Thanks for the suggestion, Queen Jane!)  We ended up leaving with a whole box that we divided between us.  My only regret is not getting a second box to bring home!  I love shortbread cookies and these were fantastic!



Waikiki Beach, and especially the surrounding areas, were definitely more “real life-like” than “resort like”.  But we were really glad that we went and explored.  Daddy-O spent some time living here when Sister and I were little and i loved seeing where he “baked on the beach” for weeks on end.  He somehow worked out a deal to work all night and then slept on the beach all day.  Smart man, that Daddy-O.


There’s so much more to come!
aloha & xoxo

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5 thoughts on “Wanderlust: Around Oahu {Waikiki}

  1. Waikiki Beach and the Duke Statue is my happy place. This is where I went when I had an MRI … this is where I go when I am getting a root canal (or crown) … this is where I go when I need to check out during a mind-numbing meeting. It is a good place. P.S. The family travel journal has been great.

  2. Roger that, Susan (above). It’s my favorite place on earth too ~ with a rainy London pub day running a very close second! I am so glad you took time for those delicious cookies. :-) Your recap is fabulous and I hope Duke’s is still using macadamia nut ice cream and you didn’t get cheated with vanilla or you’ll just have to go back and complain! :-) Aloha!

    1. I could have sworn our choices were vanilla and mint chocolate chip!! Mac nut sounds amazing, although it was already outstanding!!!!! Hope you’re having fun!!

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