May Flowers

I’m going to depart from the commonly accepted saying this year and go with May Showers brings May Flowers.  It has been SO super rainy this month, and this past week in particular.  Oh, hello Elsa.  


I’ve had my Bronwyn Hanahan flower pot door hanger out the past few weeks and love the whimsy and pop of color it brings to our entry.  We’re pretty high up on a hill but my May flowers are easy to spot from the street.  She just couldn’t stand it… being inside with me outside.   And really, nothing good ever comes of her being left unattended :-)  Trust me on that one.

DSC_0831 copy

The best part of all? They don’t even have to be watered or deadheaded or tended to at all!  My kind of flowers.


My other dogs (like the door hanger, they also don’t have to be watered or tended to) are decked out in pink, lime and aqua ribbons for spring.

DSC_0815 copy

On the bright side of all this rain, everything in the yard is just as green as can be.  (Let’s not discuss the huge patch of grass in the back that is just dead as a door nail.) Did y’all see my new ferns?!  They are doing great again this year!!


At the friends entry I’ve got a darling and colorful bike with a basket full of flowers.  I really want to pick up a few more seasonal door hangers for the side door.  It’s the one used most often!  I planted my St. Patrick’s Day shamrocks here and they are also doing wonderfully.

DSC_0819 copy

DSC_0823 copy

DSC_0860 copy

I’ve got a few other pots of actual May flowers going outside as well.  I love to plant white annuals (they will last through fall) so that they “go” with my various holiday decorations from Independence Day to Halloween.

DSC_0858 copy


I hope you’ll hop over to see how a fabulous crew of my blogging friends are sharing their May Flowers today!  Hmmm… my take on May Flowers stands out like a sore thumb, huh?!

mayflowers copy


If you’re joining me from one of my friends above, WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!  I’m so glad you’re here!  You can check out my recent den update HERE, last month’s foyer update HERE and my whole home tour HERE.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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16 thoughts on “May Flowers

  1. I love your flowers! I took your lead on adding ferns to my porch a couple years ago because I kill everything! Ferns work for me and are so forgiving! I like the idea of white flowers..esp since I have a turquoise door that’s hard to match! Happy Spring/Summer!

  2. Amanda, your door hangings are so cute and gosh the nasty blowing drizzle today is awful. We have had a good bit of sun here and then some rain. You must be getting more than us. I hate when the weather forecasters say we need the rain and that we are low for the year when we think we have had plenty. Our yard stays wet in certain spots when the water level is high and it’s high. Your fur baby is so cute!

  3. When I thought the flower basket was the cutest on your front door, then I see the adorable bicycle with flowers on the back door! When people approach your home, they definitely can immediately sense that a very loving family lives there! Beautiful Amanda! Great partying with you…have a wonderful weekend, hopefully filled with sunshine and no rain!

  4. I do love the door hangers you sport for each season and these are just the cutest! I’m so going to have to start adding to my piggy bank to buy some of these! It makes your home so welcoming and cheery. I always love all your dogs, but most of all your sweet little model, Elsa. Great partying with you!


  5. Amanda, we’ve had a ton of rain too, but your home looks so lovely with the lush green all around it! I love your white petunias, too!! Adorable door hanger and I’m loving the ribbons on the dogs… :-) Enjoy the weekend!

  6. Your bicycle is adorable and everything looks so cheery!

    I saw John’s wonderful report on Instagram and send him a BIG congratulations! Fourth grade is such a huge transition and he accomplished an OUTSTANDING achievement.

    It must have been his cereal commercial that put it over the top but his Paul Revere looks pretty amazing too! Hip, hip, hooray!

  7. I love your blog. Think your kids are adorable. But it seems like lately it is overloaded with ads. This post in particular had 6 ads in it. I realize you have to make money. But just one little opinion. Just had to voice. Sorry. Bern following for a long time

    1. Yikes! Are you on mobile? I really only look at it on desktop and there aren’t any ads in the post! I do use a service for this and am happy for the feedback.

    1. It is from bronwyn hanahan Art – same as front door flowers! She’s got so much cute stuff!! Elsa is a goldendoode. :-)

  8. I am on the hunt for a paneled storm (glass) door similar to yours. Can you please share the source. Thank you, Stephanie

    1. Hi Stephanie – Mine was modeled after a storm door but was made by a contractor to be our actual front door. I had the same style storm door on my old home and it was from Lowe’s!

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