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I think our den is the room I share most on the blog… because a bit of it is always changing!  No lived in room is every truly complete.  If you’re anything like me, you realize things like this as the days go by…  I really need a stool here, I need more light there, I have a new family photo I HAVE to display, I don’t actually like that, or that light is so bright it’s blinding to name a few.  Since I last shared our den two years ago, I’ve added a stool and a lamp by my chair, swapped out the pheasants on the mantle for foos and replaced the chandelier.

Before we get going, I’d love to remind you where I started…  a spacious, well lit and totally out-dated room.  Things could definitely be worse!

April 2009 080

April 2009 081

With gallons of paint, furniture and lot of family heirlooms, this is now the place we relax, watch TV, have family movie nights, work on puzzles, drink our coffee, spend our sick days, open birthday gifts and entertain.  It’s the heart of our home.

DSC_0487 copy

Paint – Benjamin Moore Stone Hearth (walls) and Benjamin Moore Alabaster (trim)
Curtains – Basha Dot (sadly, it’s been discontinued), made by me
Bamboo shades – JC Penney in pecan
Floor – unstained white oak
Rug – Indoor/Outdoor French Leopard by Ballard Designs
Chandelier – Shades of Light Fretwork Lantern

Honey and I tend to claim the chairs by the fireplace.  Mine is on the left by the window and I call it “the spot“.  I added the garden stool for my coffee by morning, sweet tea by afternoon and wine by night.  In the winter it’s toasty by the fire.  The rest of the seasons I have a wonderful view of all the goings-on in the outside word.  And every day of the year it gives me a vantage point clear across the house to see what the boys are up to.

The custom mantle, using the same dental molding found throughout the house, was designed by me and built by contractors we hired to renovate house.  We added the gas logs by Real Fyre.

The chairs are by Rowe Furniture and are VERY well made.  I can’t recall where the bench was from as it’s been in my attic for ages.

The pie crust table is an antique from Mother’s house.  The lamp was from G. Scott Interiors, the alphabet tray by John Derian for Target, the oyster plate by Alison Evans, and the Peanut Man from Byrd Cookie Co.

I have used the same plates, Butler’s Pantry by Lenox, in most every downstairs room.  The antique girandoles are from my grandmother and the antique books were Mother’s.    The foo dogs are from The Enchanted Home.

DSC_0408 copy

Mother gave us the antique sideboard right after we were married to use in our dining room.  It was just a hair too long for the space in this house, so we retrofitted it to hold TV components – the perfect solution for my traditional style.

DSC_0414 copy

The collection of Atelier antlers are from Ballard Designs. The candles are flameless and the candle holders are by Aidan Gray.

DSC_0415 copy

A found cluster of oyster shells is a nod to home in Savannah and it sits atop a collection of favorite books.

DSC_0472 copy

When we bought the house, the little nook to the right of the TV was where a wet bar had been.  It had been removed and was literally begging for a banquette!!

DSC_0460 copy

I designed the banquette and had it built by the contractors that renovated our home before moving in.  The table was custom made for our space by Anne Hathaway out of salvaged wood from Georgia plantation home where Daddy-O’s family is originally from.  Honey made the bench and I had it upholstered in a full skirt. The little sheep skin throw is from Ikea.

The lamp shades from Restoration Hardware and the oyster plates are by Alison Evans.  We keep our ticket stubs in this glass memory box to look back on from time to time.  The signed print is by Ray Ellis, a favorite Savannah artist.  This is the best little spot for reading, homework and puzzling.  Most weeks of the year you will find one here!

Mother made all of the pillows for me.  The contractor that built the bench had the cushion made as well.

DSC_0436 copy

Moving right along, next up is the sofa.  It is Monterey by Ethan Allen covered in an indoor/outdoor fabric.  And I ABHOR it.  It is the worst piece of furniture I have EVER purchased in my life.  I have thought about contacting them so many times … The lady that sold it to me SWORE by the indoor/outdoor fabric.  Saying it was stainless, maintenance free and perfect for a family with two young boys.  I tell you what, that lady lied through her teeth.  Even water stains the thing.  It looks nasty 11 months out of the year until I have the Guardsman people come clean it (I bought the 5 year plan).  All staining woes aside, the fabric is also drooping on the waterfall skirt.  It looks BAD.  Okay, deep breath.

On the upside, Elsa couldn’t have a care in the world about the stains.  Try as I might, I cannot get this dog off the sofa.  She really is the best accessory though.  The throw was a lucky Home Goods find, and the lumbars were custom made (I have no idea what the fabric was called).

DSC_0470 copy

The antiqued mirrored coffee table was from Horchow.  The lantern was from DC2 in Savannah and large clam shell was from Pottery Barn.  I have more antique books from Mother’s collection here and I always try to keep fresh flowers in my Nate Berkus for Target vase.

Over by the door to the porch is my DIY chalk paint mirror in Annie Sloan’s duck egg blue and more Alison Evans oyster plates.  I have a mirror in every room.

DSC_0423 copy

The antique curio on the little wall next to the kitchen holds collection of pictures and overflow from dining room china cabinet.  The lamp was from Stein Mart and the Staffordshire dogs were from Scott Antique Market.  I have Mother’s collection of vintage Nancy Drew books here – they were favorites for both of us as little girls.

DSC_0426 copy

The family silhouettes include myself and Sister as children in Disney World.   Over the years I’ve added my littles and cousins Bird and CeeCee, all done by Clay Howard.

DSC_0427 copy
We fixed the bar with updated corbels and painted the bar height stools in the trim color and recovered them with a pleated skirt.  The toile fabric is Chatelet Breeze.

DSC_0479 copy

DSC_0480 copy

The small table next to door holds a collection of books by Savannah authors (and one by my son) and a cloche with picture of boys and one bronzed baby shoe from each.  The oyster painting is by Bellamy Murphy of Savannah and was a 10th anniversary gift from Honey.

So that’s a tour of every inch of our den as it stands today.  That being said, tomorrow is a new day and who knows what may change :-)


The Delightful Home {Dixie Delights Home Tour}


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27 thoughts on “The Delightful Home {Den}

  1. Such a beautiful room, Amanda. It’s nice to see some different angles too. I love how you have so many meaningful pieces throughout. They give the room so much personality and your style really shines through. Too bad about the Ethan Allen sofa. I have always had good luck with their furniture but I guess you never know. I was looking at some “performance fabric” chairs at Restoration Hardware recently and the sales woman swore they would be great for kids and pets as well. It does really sound too good to be true.

  2. Your den is always so inspiring. There is so much about it I love I can’t even name it all in this comment. I agree, possibly your best accessory is Elsa. Could that dog be any cuter? I’m so sorry to hear about your sofa. I remember when you bought it and were excited about it.

    Such a beautiful room and I love how so many pieces are collected/gifted and mean so much to you.

  3. I can never get enough of this room! It is serene and lovely perfection. Absolutely beautiful. If you haven’t already, you may want to bring the sofa matter to their attention and ask to have it recovered. It’s just not right. Now, back to your other fabrics…they get me every time!

  4. I just adore every single detail:-) What a fabulously warm and inviting family space full of style and personality. I love the new light fixture especially and all the family pieces. Just beautiful!!

  5. P.S. By saying, “not right”, I was referring to how Ethan Allen misrepresented the sofa’s durability to you and NOT your choice! :-)

  6. Absolutely my most favorite house in blog land. I love reading about your home. I recently bought an Ethan Allen sofa. I do not think the workmanship is there at all. I miss your gorgeous chandelier!!!

  7. Your family room is lovely! Just wanted to chime in on your sofa. We bought our Ethan Allen sofa over 10 years ago and it is still the most expensive piece of furniture we have ever purchased. My problem was with the fabric as well. The sales woman told me how great the tan diamond weave matlesaise would be for us. Lying liars! It pills up. I loathe it! Because the structure is built to last, I can’t justify spending more money to have it recovered. I’m just waiting for my clothes shaver to make a bald spot!

  8. I love all of the little changes you have made to the den, but most of all, I love the collected look. And all the love that has definitely gone into not just this room, but your home as well. Thanks for your honesty on the Ethan Allen couch. To think they used to be top notch but I am hearing more and more negative comments on EA!

    Have a blessed day!

  9. I’m so glad to see your chalk painted mirror! I thought I remember you posting that years ago (been with ya a long time). I have a similar mirror to put in my daughter’s big girl room. It’s gold and seriously needs some chalk paint. I have the paint but haven’t been brave enough to do it. So hopefully between your post and the umpteen Pinterest posts I have pinned on how to chalk paint, I can get it done. You inspired me once again!

    Oh! And so glad to know Elsa sleeps on the couch. My dogs always have. :-)

  10. I so love this gorgeous room….the details and truly stunning!…You have certainly have well planned this space impeccably for your family and their needs..This room defines casual elegance and everything in this room is perfection!…

  11. That is one of my favorite rooms in your house. And I love hearing about all your personal touches as much as I love seeing sources for paint and fabrics. This is such a family oriented room, both in how you use it and in how you put it together.

  12. Oh Amanda! What a lovely, cozy room! I am so sorry to hear about your sofa. I have a client that swears by Ethan Allen, but I have been extremely disappointed in EVERY SINGLE THING they have purchased. The designer nixed all of my fabric choices and talked them into mixing fabrics on the same chair… think 1995. UGH. On a positive note, I love the painted woodwork, the lantern, your silhouettes, everything!

  13. I love your house!! This room is so beautiful and I love all of the details and family pieces. I was excited to read about your chalk painted mirror. I just got some Duck Egg Blue to paint a few pieces in my house and I’m excited to try it out!

  14. What a beautiful room. I am sorry to hear about your sofa. That is disappointing and I know that the all the imperfections would bother me on a daily basis. Of course, I bet you’re the only one who notices, because as far as I can see, the room is perfect! :)

  15. Oh wow what a stunning makeover…it’s so light and airy in there now! I’m always so impressed with how paint can transform a room!

  16. So sorry to hear about your couch! I bought new kitchen chairs from ZGallery in the fall and the indoor/outdoor fabric is a pilling-stained mess; so I feel your pain.

    Did I miss the source for you fabulous new lantern? I reread but didn’t see it listed.

  17. Oh how I love this room! It is beautiful! That fabric on the pillow and stool cushions I HAVE to get!!! It would be perfect for me too! I also have that exact same pagoda lantern! It was a housewarming gift and I adore it. Thanks for the tips on the sofa, good to know what NOT to buy:( Beautiful room!!!!

  18. Greetings from Mississippi!
    Just came across your blog. Out of curiosity what are the dimensions of your sideboard featured in your den.
    Have a space I would like to use sideboard for flat screen as well.
    one sideboard I’m looking at is is 59″ long the other 71″ . Prefer shorter length sideboard but (59″) will not be able to accommodate technical boxes ..unless I covert a middle drawer by making it flip down…But I don’t won’t to convert middle drawer to flip down. Just can’t do that to an antique sideboard.
    Just trying to get a feel for whether a 71″ long would over whelm space. Larger buffet side cabinets would hold tech equipment.

    Thank you,

  19. I am relatively new to your blog but I love it. I am a senior citizen and I have learned and appreciated so much in your decor style. Please continue giving us “old people” joy with your beautiful home and your insightful decorating style.

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