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Seeing a friend succeed is inspiring and exciting and just so darn AWESOME feeling!!!  I was completely thrilled when I learned that my fun and fabulous friend, Krystine Edwards landed her very own TV show.  Hello, famous!!!

Living in Charleston, Krystine is a mommy to two darling boys, a wife, a friend, a seriously talented designer AND a realtor!!  Her skilled husband Ryan co-owns a construction company.  So, I’m sure where you can see where this is going…  Krystine thinks up incredible, visionary ideas and her husband and his partner make them happen.  One thing led to another and they will be making their TV debut TOMORROW!!!!!!!

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On the show, Krystine and Ryan will help a California couple with a growing family get settled in Charleston.  They have purchased an old Victorian  home  that needs a lot of updating. I cannot wait to see how they overcome the challenges of restoring a historic home for a modern family while still maintaining its history!

The Move In Ready pilot premieres May 7 on HGTV at 12PM EST.  I truly hope y’all will tune in!!

As we say in the dance world, break a leg KE.  You will be FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!


HGTV’s Move In Ready  |  Krystine Edwards

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