What I Love About Dad

Every now and then I feel like I knock a gift out of the park.  And that’s what has me SO excited about Father’s Day in a couple of weeks!!!!

I mentioned a while back that I was pulling together Why You’re So Awesome books for both of the little’s teachers from their classes AND that I was using a similar book for Honey for Dad’s Day.


Well, the littles and I sat down over lunch today and filled out his book.  At their urging, “Elsa” and Mommy also participated.  I have to say, the final product is just absolutely darling!!

I really think he’s going to love this one.  This book really ranges in price by seller on Amazon – it was $8.50 with prime shipping when I purchased, and I found it for $8.99 now at THIS LINK.

Have a happy day, y’all!

What I Love About Dad  |  Dixie Delights on Amazon
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4 thoughts on “What I Love About Dad

  1. What a wonderful gift! Fun for all of you to fill in and remember what makes him so special to you and then for him to look back at as the years go by. I love that Elsa took part!

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