Forever Gift {JORD Wood Watch} + Contest

UPDATE: The winner, Julia, has been contacted by JORD directly.  This contest is now ended.

The kind folks at JORD Wood Watches recently let me pick out one of my very own.  After pouring thorough all the gorgeous options on their site, I settled on the Zebrawood + Maple.  I was beyond excited when it arrived.


I think the colors are perfect for fall and year round, with the light and dark woods.  I do have a tiny wrist and I love that they provide you with a measuring guide and go ahead and adjust the links to ensure a perfect fit.  When I took it off and placed it in my jewelry shell that evening, it dawned on my just how lovely it looked off the wrist as on.


A lovely fashion accessory that doubles as a home accessory? I’m in!


BUT…. then my wheels got turning.  If you’ve been around here for a little bit, you will know that since both of my littles’ have birthdays within a month of Christmas we give them a “forever gift” every year to celebrate rather than a toy, game or usual suspect.  This gift is something that they will have for a good long (or forever!) while and something that they won’t soon outgrow.  We’ve done mini oil paintings, baby spoons in my sterling pattern and bronzed baby shoes to name a few.  And, while these aren’t the gifts they show their friends and chat about at school, they are things that they recognize the value of.  John will turn 11 next month.  He recently became an alter server at church, he starts cotillion in a few months, and we always have dressy occasions like Easter and Christmas to think about.  His new blazer just came in the mail and I thought how much he might appreciate a nice watch.  I still remember my first nice watch… a Minnie Mouse one from Mother and Daddy-O when I was a teeny bit younger than John.  And so, I carefully boxed up the lovely JORD watch after just wearing it one time myself and cannot wait to give it to him!


I recently passed my fitbit down to him – and we share Mickey Vans and a couple of sweaters (lol) – so I know his wrist is very close in size to mine.  And, JORD did send the extra links that were removed so we can eventually enlarge it as he grows.  I really cannot wait to give him this gift!!  Fingers crossed he will let me borrow it :-)  While I’m on the subject, you can find my favorite sources for dressing boys in this post.


Now, because I know how much y’all adore Elsa and I always say that she never leaves my side, here is what I was dealing with trying to get one good photo.  Miss Priss trying to chew up the coat hanger and attack the bow tie.


Now, the last little treat that I have for y’all is a contest to win a $75 e-gift card to JORD Wood Watches. One lucky Dixie Delights reader will win the big gift card, but everyone that enters will be sent a $20 off code.  This contest is sponsored and run by JORD directly, is open through 10/23, and can be entered RIGHT HERE!

With that, I just need to figure out the baby’s forever birthday gift for #8!!  I’m feeling kind of accomplished at having one down in early October.


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10 thoughts on “Forever Gift {JORD Wood Watch} + Contest

  1. Such lovely watches! I love watches, I always have one on or else I feel like I am not completely dressed. I really love the look of the wood, I have never owned a wooden one. I entered the giveaway! I would love to add one of these to my collection.

  2. When I saw the first photo of the watch, and before I finished reading the post, I was thinking what a lovely gift this would be for my 21 year old daughter. I’ve already entered the contest!!

  3. Hi, Amanda! I LOVE that JORD wooden watch! I had never heard about that brand until I saw this post–so unique and chic! I entered the contest and am keeping my fingers crossed! John will look so dapper in his new suit and watch for the cotillion events. That bowtie so reminds of Ron! :) Have a great day! xoxo

  4. The Jord wood watch is a beauty. I know John will be so proud to have this forever gift. A grown-up look for sure! Happy Birthday to both littles. I have entered the giveaway-thanks for offering this contest.

  5. Does your sister do “forever gifts” for her little girl? I have two little girls and would love some ideas!

    1. She doesn’t! But many of the ones I’ve done would work. Sterling baby spoon in my silver pattern, mini oil paintings of the low country, john derian glass trays with dogs on them, bronzed baby shoes. There are more but I can’t think of them :-)

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