Pumpkin Book Report {Who Was Walt Disney?}

The baby recently had to turn in a “pumpkin book report” on his non-fiction book of choice.  After a brief pass through the options on our at-home bookshelf, he quickly settled on Who Was Walt Disney?  Good boy :-)

He had to read the book and answer four questions about it and then decorate a pumpkin based on the book.  So cute!  He wanted to do a Mickey Mouse pumpkin and I was all in.  We bought a black pumpkin at Target, cut out ears from black cardstock and then he painted on the eyes.  I helped draw the lines on with a pencil and then he filled it all in with paint.  It took a couple of coats but not much time at all.


We talked about what he could put on the back and he settled on this quote.  I thought it was perfect!  I drew two lines on the back in pencil and then he wrote the quote with a paint pen.


I can’t wait for this to come back home so we can display it in his room every October.  We’ve been putting out big brother’s Captain Underpants book report of yore since second grade as well.  Of course, back then it could be ANY book, not just non-fiction.


Speaking of school, we have finished our first quarter and everyone is doing well and is very happy!  I tell you what, 5th grade is no joke.  I remember it being the hardest year of elementary school even “way back when”.


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10 thoughts on “Pumpkin Book Report {Who Was Walt Disney?}

  1. I remember the Captain Underpants pumpkin – and I adore the Mickey pumpkin as well! Good job, Whit!

  2. Too funny – my 2nd grader just did her pumpkin book report and it had to be a FICTIONAL character! ha! Fancy Nancy over here :) Love the mouse! And the underpants (hehe)

  3. Adorable pumpkins! The Captain Underpants one just cracks me up! You are so right about 5th grade. My 5th grader has been overwhelmed with the amount of work this year. Things definitely get more serious now! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Whit, Your pumpkin is wonderful and such a great idea! It should get a blue ribbon because it truly makes me want to read the book! Have a very Happy Halloween. :-)

    Amanda, thank you for the return of the “underpants pumpkin”!
    Both projects are true keepsakes.

  5. The pumpkin is so cute and I love the quote. My granddaughter has been reading that book about Walt Disney. She told me today that she was learning some interesting things about him. I was so pleased because I had encouraged her to read some non-fiction books when we were at the library last week.

  6. Cute…Love the saying as it got be inspired to my own quote for our mb gallery wall. It all started with a dance! Thank you for the inspiration.

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