Simple Sweet Treat for School

A little while back I volunteered to send in a snack for a celebration in John’s class.  We went to the store together and settled on this.  It was easy, adorable AND well loved by the kids!


I bought the store brand animal cookies and a couple of tubs of funfetti icing with sprinkles.  I had these cute little condiment cups with lids left over from another event (they are pretty useful – even for taking my salad dressing to work) and we put a spoonful of icing and some sprinkles in each one.


We bagged the whole thing up in zip tops and were done!  This is definitely one I’ll do again.  Shoot… I even enjoyed a couple of extras at home :-)


It’s hard to believe that I’m sending in another treat this week – this time for someone’s 11th birthday!!!!  HOW did that happen?!?!?!


condiment cups with lids  *affiliate link*


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