Sunday Supper {Election Night Style} + Printables

Due to conflicting plans on Election Night, we went ahead and had our Election Night supper.  I might have skipped it all together, but the littles remembered it from four years ago and were asking!  It’s a really easy meal to pull together…


Decor – I intended to pull out left over Independence Day flags, plates, napkins and such to set a festive table.  BUT after participating in an all day 8AM-5PM meeting at work I was zapped.  I had picked up this darling cookie kit at Trader Joe’s already an Mother was a doll to put it together with the littles.


Eats – We dined on “bipartisan” pizza – half veggie and half cheese. Dessert was Donkey Tails and Elephant Ears made from our favorite Cinco de Mayo churros recipe. (Twist the Donkey Tails and roll up the Elephant Ears.)  I got the stuff to make a layered Star Spangled Sipper (hawaiian punch, blue powerade, diet sprite) but all the color ran together and turned purple so I just let them choose which drinks they wanted.

You can print the menu and table cards (I didn’t use them this time) for free HERE >>  Election Night Free Printable


Now, since we dined early I am saving this activity for Tuesday.  We did it 4 years ago and they loved it.  Simply print out a large blank map of the USA and have the littles color in the states with red or blue as the polls close. I think we’ll also keep some sort of tally of each state’s electoral votes and how many each candidate needs to get to the coveted 270. This site has a great explanation for kids.




Election Night Free Printable  |  Free Printables  |  Parties


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8 thoughts on “Sunday Supper {Election Night Style} + Printables

  1. I love how you make every days (even though this is a momentous everyday) into events! We are anxiously awaiting Tuesday in this house, both for the result AND for it all to be over! ?? xo

  2. May we all pray for our beautiful, proud and brave country at this critical turning point and may your children and theirs live in a free, honest, safe and prosperous country forevermore.
    God Bless The United States of America.

  3. I LOVE this! We used to live in DC and love sharing our stories with the kids. My oldest is really getting to the age where he is interested. My husband used to work for President Bush and I used to work for Newt Gingrich so while we do the coloring map on election night, this dinner would be perfect……especially since I simply cannot wait for this one to be over. Augh!

  4. Another exceptional website is Justice Sandra Day O’Connor spearheaded the developed of the website that is used by millions of students and thousands of teachers. Check out the Electoral College Map activity.

    Love Epcot, too!


  5. I actually pulled up your old post last week to print things out for this year’s election…so glad you guys were able to squeeze this in!

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