The 4 Gifts

For Christmas, our family goes by a four gift rule from Santa.


The best and most anticipated gift of our Christmas is always the “DO” gift.  It has involved everything from tickets to a show or exhibit to an overnight in town to a full on trip.  This year they will get their very first ski trip … mine too!  Our dear friends have offered up a place to stay AND are helping us get there so it’s kind of like a dream come true.

In addition to Santa gifts, we also give them something from us, a stocking and a Christmas ornament for their trees.  So, all in all, our Christmas is pretty simple.

I created a Letter to Santa to use last year and they will be filling it out in the next few days before we visit Santa.  You can find the instant download in the Dixie Delights Shop!  There is also a page included that doesn’t have the “4 gift” list, but just blank spaces.  The date on the envelope has been updated but it also comes with an undated version.

DSC_0392 copy

A few people have asked for this, and I finally have them available… sets of stickers to go on the 4 gifts!  You can choose either “do” or “wear” in your set, as I know it is common to do the “wear” gift.


This year I have a few new Santa tags and stickers in the shop as well.


Before I go, I wanted to reshare our 3 favorite toys.  These have all had MUCH longevity in our household and still get used years later.


Tomorrow is John’s birthday and we will be giving him this gorgeous watch as his “forever gift“.  I’m sharing again because JORD is discounting all of their watches in a Black Friday sale so now is a great chance to get one if you’ve been thinking about it!



With that, let the holiday shopping begin!!!!!!!!!


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9 thoughts on “The 4 Gifts

  1. Adding the “something to do” to our gifts has been the best idea ever! So glad to hear you’re finally doing the skiing trip- you’ll have a blast! xo

  2. We have been planning to do the 4 gift rule when our littles are old enough to understand it better (they are 2.5 years and 12 days old today)! I’m curious about when you started doing 4 gifts. Did you wait until they were a certain age or use it from the start?

  3. Oh I love your 4 gift rule. We have 3 gifts plus one from Santa at our house and it is still in effect even with them grown. Happy Shopping and the ski trip sounds fabulous.

  4. I love that you do this! I only wish we had started doing the same when my kids were little. It would have made Christmas so much easier and more enjoyable! Can’t wait to hear about the ski trip! As you might know, we go up to Vermont to ski and my kids just love it! In fact, today at 3:00, NBC is televising the World Cup Ski Competition from Killington, VT – the exact place we ski all winter! We can’t wait to watch it! Enjoy your weekend!

      1. You are going to love it! Mt. Snow is about an hour and a half south of Killington, where we ski. When I was younger, we skied Stratton and Bromley which are close to Mt. Snow. Beautiful area! You will do fine, though – just take a lesson and bundle up! I can’t live without my hand warmers and foot warmers. Make sure you get a bunch. Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

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