Atlanta Ballet’s The Nutcracker Tradition

My whole life I thought I’d have a daughter and, while I can’t imagine anything other than my boys today, the day CeeCee came along was a blessing for our entire family.  She is truly the most precious and beautiful child – inside and out.  I have loved letting the girly squeeze back into my life after years of all things rough and tumble.

When you find the perfect top and order one for Sister as well and then you decide who cares, we’ll just be twinsies for the day :-)

There’s nothing more Atlanta or more Christmas than Atlanta Ballet’s The Nutcracker at the historic Fox Theater

The sets are gorgeous, choreography classic, and costumes unrivaled.  The Atlanta Symphony Orchestera plays for every performance and a choir sings during the snow scene.  This year it snowed throughout the audience as well.   It’s magic.

We had a sensational time and will do this for many years to come.  Sister was a doll and took a pic of me after the show before heading out to dinner.  <3  (outfit from J Crew)

This was one of the items on my Adventure is Out There {40×41} Bucket List.  And it was so good that it has become a Christmas tradition, I think.


Atlanta Ballet  |  Fox Theater


3 thoughts on “Atlanta Ballet’s The Nutcracker Tradition

  1. This has to be one of my favorite blog posts! And I can look back at it and relive some of those happy, wonderful moments. Love,

  2. Love this! All that southern charm in one beautiful family photo. Adore the matching outfits. Gives me hope that my girls will still agree to wear them on occasion later on (they did for their Christmas pics this year).

  3. What a beautiful tradition! A tradition in the making, how special to have that to look forward to year after year! xo

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