Winter Favorites

Y’all I am no lover of winter, which is going to make our impending trip to Vermont that much more hysterical.  :-)  I do have a few favorite winter luxuries that keep me warm and toasty, however.

Cherry Pit Pac

This little heating pad is filled with cherry pits.  I pop it in the micro for two minutes and use it for various things – just staying warm under a blanket on the sofa, tucking it in the bed while I brush my teeth to warm up my spot, etc.  Of course, now that the littles have discovered it AND can reach the microwave, my usage has seen a severe decline.  Mother and I both have the oh-so-lovely cat fabric, while my sis favors the dog fabric.  Function over form, people.  (I barely recognize myself.)

Harney & Sons Teas

After having tried boxes upon boxes of grocery and specialty store teas for years, these are my very favorite.  We brew this tea by the pot, drink it hot, and always, always add sugar.  My top three flavors are:

Paris – a fruity black tea with a hint of vanilla and caramel
Hot Cinnamon – three types of cinnamon, orange peel, and sweet cloves
Wedding – white tea with a hint of lemon-vanilla and pink rosebuds

You might try them in the tins first and, if you enjoy, replenish with the bags as they are much cheaper.  (both shown below)

Electric Throw Blanket

This was a Christmas gift from Sister that had been on my list for eons.  Why oh why did I wait so long?!  It heats up quickly and is being enjoyed by the whole family already.  I haven’t had it for very long, but it does have a shut off after 3 hours, has 3 heat settings and is machine washable.  I’ll keep you posted on how it holds up!

Ugg Bow Boots

These might in real life be the “ugg-liest” shoes ever created, but they are SOOOO warm!  It took me eons to splurge on them.  In fact, there is a funny story behind how they finally came into my life. I won a giant Victoria’s Secret gift card at Haven Conference one year.  I spend money on some things but undies is just not one of them.  So I sat on it for days, weeks, months.  Summer went.  Fall came and went.  And then it got cold.  So imagine my supreme surprise and delight when a VS catalog arrived and I was paging through it for some good fleece jammies and I saw that they sold Uggs.  With BOWS!!!  I promptly ordered them up and waited on them to arrive.  Honey got home before me that day and received the GIANT package from VS.  He was legit grinning like the Cheshire cat when I got home.  “Sooooo, what’d ya get????????????????????”  OMG!!!!!!!!!!!  I think I fell on the floor laughing.  I opened the box and pulled them out as a look of sheer disbelief and horror fell across his face.  “You got boots from VS?  The ugliest boots ever made?”  Yes, yes I did.  And when I slipped my feet into them and headed out to a frigid baseball game all was right in the world.  :-)  They have been my favorite winter boots since that day and were truly life changing for my winters.

Speaking of winter, there has been on-again-off-again chatter of snow here tomorrow.  I am all for it ON A SCHOOL DAY.  Even better, a WORK DAY.  But a Saturday? Not so much.  Come on Mother Nature, work with me here.

What are your winter necessities?  I always love finding little things that feel luxurious in everyday use!


Cherry Pit Pac | Harney & Sons Teas  | Electric Throw Blanket  |  Ugg Bow Boots

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24 thoughts on “Winter Favorites

  1. I’m a Southern warm-natured girl, so I’ve always welcomed cooler temps. When I do get chilled or am under the weather as I was a few weeks ago, I love to wear my husband’s flannel pj bottoms and his sweatshirt. P.S…I love your blue and white teapot!

  2. Hahahaha – I imagine Honeys the world over would’ve been equally disappointed in the unveiling of that VS package!!

    I use a corn pac instead of cherry pit – and I adore it! It holds the heat for a good long time and I’m not as willing to share as you are! :-D My in-laws have had one of the electric throw blankets for years which, I admit, I thought was silly… until I sat under it one winter day. Luxurious!

    My favorite way to beat the cold remains a hot bath with peppermint oil. Warms you right through!

    I’m with you on the newest impending “snow event”. I stay in the “I’ll believe it when I see it camp” until it falls, but my Honey just texted me that it’s snowing in Lawrenceville and they’re closing Gwinnett County Public Schools early today. Sigh.

    Stay safe and warm! xo

  3. The boots are not the ugliest Ugg boots. I think the bows are really cute!

    As for panties from VS, they run a good panty sale several times a year. 7 panties for $25.

    Thanks for recommending the Paris tea! It’s delicious!!

    Stay warm!

  4. I agree…. Ugg boots are so UGGly!!!! They are so chunky and non-fem.
    I can’t even say I like them with the bows…..
    You know…. putting lipstick on a pig is still a pig! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Ok, I am dying over here. And will admit, while UGLY with a capital U, they are by far the best at keeping your feet warm. Just saying.
      Well, the sleet has started. Just finished a post about our crazy snow prediction. Praying W is home safe and sound this year ;-)

  5. I have the Target version of the UGG boots and they are amazing as house shoes, a must!

    I also purchased a heated mattress pad from Amazon for my bed and when I climb in at night it is oh so toasty. It even has the dual controls

    I even found a heated throw blanket at Walmart to keep at my cubicle for those cold days.

    Memphis is seeing snow today! Enjoy it!

  6. We live in WV where we get cold winters & snow. We just discovered the electric throws and they are amazing. I too hope they last a nice long time. I haven’t had the best of luck with electric blankets for the bed lasting more than a couple of years. But they are warm while they last!

  7. I have a leopard pair of Ugg slip-ons, loafer style slippers, that I must have in nippy weather (and a spare pair for travel.) I have an Australian brand of burgandy, suede boots that I wear only at home and they are much slimmer than Uggs, so a tad bit more attractive. ;-) As well, I too have a neck heated thingy and my husband loves making fires. Bravo to your recommendation years ago on the Paris Tea. It’s great in the afternoon, when all I want to do is put on flannel pajamas! And one cannot exist on this earth with Williams Sonoma hot chocolate and handcrafted marshmallows! It’s on sale so stock up for Vermont!

  8. The very best winter warming item EVER is a heated mattress pad. It has duel controls because my husband is always boiling and I’m always cold. Turning this on while brushing teeth then slipping into a warm bed might be the best feeling in the WORLD.

  9. Agree on your winter favorites. At one time Uggs had sequined boots; I have a friend with a pink sequin pair that is so cute and unexpected. Take a look at the Ugg website, might still be available. They are so easy to take off when entering a house and not track on the floors. Also Jamie at An Oregon Cottage blog makes the warmer filled with flax seed and has a goo video tutorial….you or your Mother could make these in any size or fabric choice. So easy and great gift ideas and Jamie’s presentation with a wide ribbon is very pretty. Always enjoy your blog and sweet family enjoying each other and life.
    All the best…

  10. If you haven’t tried Harney & Sons Holiday, you should give that one a try. It’s probably my favorite flavored tea. Black tea with “holiday spices” ~ citrus, almond, clove, and cinnamon. I need to try that Hot Cinnamon ~ I’ve heard about it from more than one source this year.

  11. I love your story about Honey! LOL. I agree UGG boots are ugly but I do own a pair and they are the best at keeping my feet warm. I also own the lower style slippers and they are the best slippers I have ever owned. So toasty to wear when it’s cold out. I have had several heated throw but never get more than 2 years use before theheating elements goes out. I would only wash when nessessary as I believe it is too hard on the heating element.

  12. I am DYING over the story about the Uggs from VS. DYING. That is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. I bought Uggs in March for a trip to NYC and I agree that they are just hideous, but good gracious alive! They are so cozy. I am sold. I really want the taller, slimmer ones.

  13. As I write this, we are bracing for 4-8 inches of snow in the central VA region and blizzard conditions more east of us in the Norfolk/VA Beach area. I have already pulled my UGGS out for the season. I agree, they might not be the most attractive boots but they are the warmest by far. I love the heated mattress pad suggestion. I will give that a try!!

  14. Great story about Honey and the VS UGGS! LOL! Have told so many about Cherry Pit Pacs. Discovered them 20 years ago at a craft fair. Have several sizes in Leopard print! Preheat the foot of the bed every night. Others used to relax back, soothe a tummy ache. They last for years and there’s nothing better than moist heat! Can’t wait to try the teas. Waiting on the snow in Marietta, GA. Love your blog!

  15. Hot Cinnamon is my favorite flavor! However I prefer Pomegranate to the Paris one. Give it a try. Harney and Sons is the best

  16. hahahah!!!! i love your story about ur husband’s reaction to ur VS package!!! LOL!!!! wow your uggs boots are super cute! i haven’t seen those in stores by me! i think the bows make it unique and pretty! i’m with you- i waited sooooo long on getting uggs because i know everyone thinks they’re ugly and i felt like it was a mortal sin to spend money on them. but when i got them i couldn’t stop wearing them- they are SOOOO warm and comfy! i was really really thankful to wear them when it was FREEZING cold in disney and universal and i had to stand in the lines all day! even though they are “ugly” they are awesome for cold days and when you just want comfiness! lovin the bows! hmm i need to get me a pair haha! i didnt even know VS sold them! love ur blog as always! cheers!

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