6 Magically Delicious St. Patrick’s Day Eats + Treats

We’ve been squeezing in as many of our favorite green eats and treats as possible this week, and will continue to do so straight through the weekend.  Here’s what’s on the menu…

Corned beef sammies are a crowd favorite for the whole family.  We just get our corned beef sliced for the deli (Daddy-O makes his own), some swiss cheese and a loaf of rye bread and it makes for an easy and hearty meal.

These creme de menthe brownies are a St. Patrick’s Day staple.  They are truly amazing and no store bought look alike tastes anywhere near as good.

I tried Shepherd’s Pie for the first time last year when teaching John’s class about our Irish heritage.  The class gobbled it up and then I made it again at home the same week.  This is on our Friday night menu this year.

These decadent Black and Tan Brownies are another favorite, especially when served along side my hearty Guinness beef stew with a side of Irish Soda Bread (in store at Trader Joe’s and Fresh Market now!).

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March 2012 403

With the arctic air this week, Shamrock hot chocolate has been a welcome after school warm up!  These are so cute and easy to make for many holidays.  I love to serve them with a box of limited edition Lucky Charms with green clovers!

March 2012 394

What are your favorite eats this week?  I’m taking the littles to an after school St. Paddy’s Day party Friday and plan to bring a veggie tray that looks like the Irish flag with carrots, broccoli and cauliflower and a green goddess dip.  (Who is this girl all of a sudden taking veggies to a party?!)


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12 thoughts on “6 Magically Delicious St. Patrick’s Day Eats + Treats

  1. Yummy – I want every single thing you shared! I don’t think my salad I should going to cut it for lunch!

    We will have corned beef on Friday, and now I’m adding the black & tan brownies. Thanks for sharing! ☘️ xo

  2. Love all your ideas. I host a party every year for St. Patrick’s Day. Can I ask where your shamrock plates are from?

    1. Thank you! Man, I’ve had them for so long. Probably Target. Maybe WalMart?? I’m so sorry. I haven’t actually seen good ones in years!

  3. Guinness Stew has been on my mind all week, along with easy, homemade soda bread. However, our dinner might simply be glazed carrots and grilled steaks…and a chilled Bailey’s Irish Cream for dessert. :-) I shall miss seeing Daddy-O at the parade. <3 Thanks for your darling post…I always love your St. Patrick's Day celebrations.

  4. Our bishop gave our diocese permission to eat meat on St. Patrick’s Day, so I’m serving up slow cooker corned beef and cabbage with potatoes, along with Irish soda bread that I will make. For dessert, I’m going to try your brownie recipe.

    1. Us too! I never ever remember this happening before. We are having shepards pie! I’m going to make the creme de menthe brownies tonight!!

  5. I’ve had to take snacks to violin class the last two weeks and got in the St. Patrick’s mood. 3 hits with the kids….rainbow fruit kabobs (purple grapes, blue blackberries, green grapes, slice of banana, piece of mango, watermelon (cut with cookie cutter into shape of star) threaded on a skewer), Lucky Charms trail mix (cereal, pretzel sticks, raisins, almonds), and rainbow finger jello (I found the recipe here, http://www.nobiggie.net/magic-rainbow-jello/). I like your sandwich idea with deli sliced meat. Makes it a lot easier/faster than cooking the meat! You also reminded me I was going to make Irish soda bread. I will get out the recipe now.

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